Ever wondered how to send fax from your iPhone for free?

With an iPhone fax app, you won't need to wait in line to use that office fax machine or head over to the nearest print shop anymore.

And not only does it save you time, it also saves you money. Free iOS fax apps can get your document scanned and faxed cheaper, or even for free.

Don't know how to send fax from your iPhone for free? Check this guide out now.

Before getting your a free iOS fax app

There are many online fax services and free fax apps for iOS today.

All you have to do is simply look up how to send fax from iPhone or send fax for free on Google or the Apple Store.

These are just a few iOS fax apps you can find on the Apple Store

Now, you don't want to just use any free iOS fax app. The best free fax apps for iPhone should:

  • Produce crystal-clear images with just your phone camera
  • Be able to freely convert your scans into common formats like PDF
  • Support international faxing
  • Allow your faxes to be sent directly without having to exit and tap into another app
  • Protect your personal privacy

Ideally, your fax app should let you send faxes easily through popular email apps like Gmail and Outlook.

How to send fax from iPhone for free with Zap Fax

A free iOS fax app that does all of the above is Zap Fax.

Zap Fax is your ideal free iOS fax app

Zap Fax allows you to fax high-quality documents in all common file formats. The app supports international fax numbers from well over 35 countries.

To ensure user privacy, Zap Fax also assigns all users a private fax number. This private fax number acts and works just like a burner phone number, keeping your phone number privacy safe.

Users also get up to 5 free pages to fax with on Zap Fax.

To get started with Zap Fax, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download Zap Fax from the Apple Store.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Press the center button when the scan area is completely highlighted in green.
  4. Make any edits to your fax preview
  5. Tap Confirm and select Email PDF
  6. Type in a subject and the email address of your recipient

And you're done! Send your faxes with Zap Fax in just 5 minutes.

Zap Fax versus other fax apps

We wouldn't be recommending Zap Fax if it wasn't already among the best.

With Zap Fax, everything you need is on one secure platform. Zero cross-platform integration means enjoying a lower risk of privacy and security issues.

Zap Fax protects your privacy by issuing you a burner phone number to send faxes with

Unlike many fax apps, Zap Fax also values your privacy. That's why Zap Fax is unique in providing users with burner phone numbers. When in use, the numbers cannot be traced back to the user.

Additionally, Zap Fax also does not store your faxes, nor make copies of them.

As a plus, Zap Fax also works as a QR code scanner. No need to download another app for that!  

Online fax services versus free iOS fax apps

Besides fax apps, there are also online fax service providers that, for a limited time, allow you to fax from your iPhone for free.

There's no straight answer to whether online fax services or free iOS fax apps are better.  

Many online fax services come with other business-friendly services like cloud integration, wider conversion formats and business conferencing tools. If you're looking for a suite of business services, these are ideal for you.

RingCentral is an example of an online fax service provider.

On the other hand, iOS fax apps are typically focused entirely on just optimizing the fax experience. They let you send and receive faxes of similar quality faster and more conveniently.

Premium users on Zap Fax, for example, can take advantage of the optical character recognition service to convert documents into text you can edit.

iOS fax apps tend to have a shorter free trial period though. While online fax providers provide you a free fax number that lasts between a week to a month, iOS fax apps typically offer only a few free scans.

If you only need to make occasional scans and don't want too much hassle, iOS fax apps are the better solution.

Start faxing for free on iOS today

So forget dealing with clunky old fax machines or wasting time getting your documents scanned at the print shop.

With a free iOS fax app like Zap Fax, you can scan anything, anytime with zero hassle. Send and receive scans anytime and anywhere, and keep your scans away from prying eyes when you use Zap Fax.

Send faxes fast and easy with just one nifty free iOS fax app 

And that's how to send fax from iPhone for free. Find out why our users think Zap Fax is the best free iOS fax app now!