Have you ever played Pokemon GO and wanted to get the same benefits and catches for a friend or spouse? Unless you’re that dedicated grandpa with 30 phones to catch them all, you’d want to know how to have multiple Pokemon GO accounts on one phone.  

Here’s an upfront disclaimer: Niantic really doesn’t want players to use multiple accounts when playing Pokemon GO, and they have previously launched updates to prevent players from doing so. Obviously, that didn’t stop innovative players from working around those updates.

Want to know how to have multiple Pokemon GO accounts so you, your friends and family can all catch them all? Read on to find out how.

How to have multiple Pokemon GO accounts on one phone: 5 ways

Solution 1: Clone Pokemon Go with either Island or Parallel Spaces

Apps that clone other apps aren’t anything new, and we’ve previously touched on them in our previous pieces on how to run multiple Tinder accounts and multiple WhatsApp accounts.

With both Island (only for Android) and Parallel Space (available for both Android and iOS), you essentially get a brand new Pokemon GO. Take note however that you can only clone Pokemon Go once with both apps.

To run multiple pokemon GO accounts on one phone with Parallel Space, simply:

1.       Download Parallel Space for either Android or iOS

2.       Launch the app from the icon on your device’s home screen and allow permissions

3.       Tap Pokémon GO and let Parallel Space clone it. You should see the new app icon on your home screen once it’s done.

To run multiple Pokemon GO accounts on one phone with Islands, check out this detailed walkthrough here.

There are issues with both however. Islands is apparently still in development and could be unstable. Some users also report that the app isn’t working for them. With Parallel Space, you can only use your cloned Pokemon GO free for 3 days, after which you’ll need to pay a monthly recurring fee of 9.99. Choosing not to pay causes you to lose access to any app you have cloned. There’s also that issue of data from cloned apps “spilling over” into the original ones.

Solution 2: Use the Secure Folder exploit on Samsung phones and tablets

If you happen to be using a Samsung phone or tablet, then this one’s just for you. What you need to do is this:

  • Install Pokemon GO normally from the App store
  • Sideload a second Pokemon GO APK into your phone or tablet’s secure Folder and install it manually.

The second part is important for this to work. Some users have tried installing a second official copy of the app inside the Secure Folder – this method allows you to run two instances of Pokemon GO simultaneously, but on the same account.

Take note however, that this solution may or may not still work. Niantic has updated the game many times since the exploit was first discovered and shared, and it’s likely this solution will not work sometime in the future.

Solution 3: Get multiple people to log in on your phone

This one’s pretty much a no-brainer and not really a solution, but most people who are already using multiple Pokemon GO accounts on one phone are likely using this method, so it’s still worth a mention.

As the easiest method to run two Pokemon GO accounts on one phone (or even more), getting others to log in to your phone so that you can play on their behalf is also the likeliest to get you banned, especially if the profile change is glaringly obvious. Imagine a gym leader suddenly jumping 30 levels overnight!

Solution 4: Have multiple Google accounts

Pokemon GO Players have two ways of registering and logging in – with their Facebook accounts or Google accounts. With harsh consequences for duplicate or fake Facebook accounts, the only option we’re seriously considering here is using multiple Google accounts to run multiple Pokemon GO accounts on the same phone.

This method certainly works for getting you multiple Pokemon Go accounts, but to use each of them you’ll need to constantly log out and switch over to another account. With a cloned app from Island or Parallel Space however, you get to run two instances of Pokémon GO simultaneously.

Multiple Pokémon GO accounts still need a VPN for best results

No matter how many Pokémon GO accounts you intend to use, it’s highly recommended to always play the game with a VPN active. Not only does using a VPN allow you to play the game in areas or countries where it is banned, it also helps you take advantage of exclusive limited time events and discover location-specific Pokémon.

Most importantly, Pokémon GO is known to collect a lot of personally sensitive data. The app has also lent itself to stalking incidents and even murders in some cases.

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