Looking for the best VPN for Valorant is paramount if you are picking up this new FPS (first-person shooter) game with your friends around the world.

Valorant is one of the newer titles coming up on searches worldwide and with competitive or international lobbies, it makes sense for players to look for the best VPN for Valorant. Let us explain why you need it and list some suggestions.

Best VPN for Valorant: What is Valorant?

Valorant is a 5V5 First Person Shooter developed by Riot Games. The same developer of MOBA League of Legends and Legends of Runeterra. Valorant is a game that is pretty similar to CS:GO, Overwatch, and Apex Legends. 10 players are divided into 2 teams - the objective of the game is to take each other out while one team is able to plant a bomb and the other aims to detonate and prevent the bomb, also called a spike, from blowing up.

Best VPN for Valorant: Why do I need a VPN for gaming?

Anybody who has picked up a game that has real-time impact on gameplay understands the importance of having low latency and good connection. This puts into play getting a paid or at least some of the best free VPN app to help improve their gaming experience.

Aside from creating a seamless experience, putting on the best VPN for Valorant prevents packet loss, better ping, avoids stutters, lag & ISP throttling, allowing users to react better to their environment. It works by choosing the closest server to the remote host that allows for a faster connection.

The best VPN for Valorant should be able to provide gamers a good response time and uninterrupted connection.  What you want to look for in the best VPN proxy tool is its ability to provide continuous service while you are playing.

Best VPN for Valorant: VPN alternatives out there

Finding the best VPN for Valorant is important to ensure a smoother gaming experience, low ping, less lag and ability to access other servers that can help you out-maneuver your opponents when they are experiencing lag issues.

As such, it's important to consider all the options out there to ensure you have the best VPN for your Valorant gaming experience, bearing in mind other concerns such as privacy, security and ability to mask your activities to hackers and spies.

Fortunately, we have compiled some of the best options for VPN apps in the market today so you don't have to keep searching endlessly on Google and sift through tons of reviews (sometimes, incentivised ones) to find the best VPN for your Valorant needs.

Here are some options for the best VPN for Valorant:


WTFast is closer to a GPN (Gamers Private Network) than a VPN. It only handles online game traffic. So, if you’re looking for a multipurpose VPN for Netflix unblocking, this wouldn’t be your best bet. WTFast is still considered a VPN but not in the traditional sense. It focuses on reducing the amount of times you move from one server to another in an attempt to reduce your ping. New users can get a free 7-day trial, after which they need to pay the monthly subscription to continue the app’s services.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

This VPN provides access to 77 countries and over 29,000 servers and lets users take advantage of port forwarding. You can also choose whether you’d need a dynamic or static IP address.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault by Appsverse (Top Pick)

With access to 75+ countries, beating the likes of NordVPN and Surfshark, VPN Vault by Appsverse provides safe and swift connection.  They provide high upload and download speeds surpassing the popular Cyberghost -all while providing top notch security with their AES-256 military-grade encryption.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault by Appsverse is available not just for PC but also for iOS through the Apple Store and for Android users, they can download it via the Play Store.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

The best VPN for Valorant should allow for seamless gaming while protecting your digital footprint from the public, keeping your information secure, and preventing any ISP throttling for uninterrupted gameplay.