Fax is still an important form of communication particularly in the world of business today. The idea to convert fax to email has been something on the mind of every person who has sent an actual fax in recent years.

"Who the hell invented this."

"Why is fax still used today??"

"Wouldn't it be great to have faxes transformed or converted into email directly?"

Receiving fax as email has a number of advantages. First, would be the ease of receiving the document itself. You no longer have to sit by the fax machine to receive fax, but faxes now arrive in your email inbox directly. How convenient is that? Secondly, the faxes come in as electronic documents. What this mean is, you no longer have to perform that dreadful task of retrieving the fax, and putting it through a scanner again (we do this for every single fax we receive). How cool is that? We think every fax should be converted into emails by default.

Furthermore, you can receive faxes while on the go, or on the road. Anytime, without being needed to sit by the fax machine when it arrives. Need to forward it to someone? Forward the email instead. All faxes should no longer be faxes but emails instead (thats our biggest dream).

Well, we really, REALLY do hope for fax to be something easier and simpler, maybe as easy as receiving a text message.  Because of that, we created the Zap Fax app, where you can receive fax directly on your iPhone. Sounds good? Here is how it works:

First, download Zap Fax App

This is prerequisite to the following steps. Download Zap Fax App for iPhone here, its simple and its free to get started.

Second, set up your fax number

After you download the app. tap on Menu -> Get Premium fax number

Here, you can select from fax numbers from over 35 countries and over 50 states in the US. If you are not ready to commit to a subscription, you can always start a fax number under our 3-day free trial.

The number that you select becomes the permanent fax number that you can receive faxes at. Put down the number on your name card, on your company website, or send it to a business partner over email.

Receive fax in your inbox

After your contact faxes you at your fax number, you will receive it in Zap Fax app as a text message with the document in digital format  (our dream come true!)

Convert fax into email in PDF format

Zap Fax will convert fax into email in this manner. Where you have already opened the fax document, simply tap on the top right hand corner of the screen and tap on Email document.

This is where the magic happens. A window will appear where it resembles your email app and you can compose an email here, with your document already transformed into PDF and attached to your email.

Just enter the email address you want (it can be your own email address) and send it! DONE! Your fax is not converted or transformed into email just like that.

Pro Tip

If you picked a fax line and wish to continue using this number, you may want to start an actual subscription for the number to keep it. Fax numbers in Zap Fax app are a tiny fraction of the cost of an actual Fax machine. You could already potentially get rid of that bulky noisy fax machine in your office or at home.

After you start a subscription, be sure to write the fax number down again just so that you do not lose it and can give it out again to receive fax directly

See Zap Fax App by Appsverse on Apple App Store