What VPN works on school wifi? Which VPN is the best one for use in schools? Are all VPN created equal? This article is where we will find out the answers.

It is almost standard practice for school network administrator's to set up firewalls and content filters in school networks to block sites like Facebook, Twitter, and games like Roblox, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach etc. As a student, this is something that you have to face, but it isn't something you can't get around. Anything can be accessible as long as you know what VPN works on school wifi.

Why schools block access from your favorite sites and games

The reason why schools block wifi networks is simple. School are a place of learning and cultivation of good habits and values, while social networking sites and mobile games are departure from things like discipline, self control, and the spirit of hard work and excellence.

How can I get my favorite sites and games to work again?

The easiest way to bypass any filter or restriction created by your school is to use something called a VPN. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a type of software or app that you can install on your phone or computer, that completely helps you to bypass filters and access anything you want.

How VPNs do it is by encrypting the internet traffic flowing in and from your device and having a intermediary handle all data transfer on your behalf. That way, it is able to hide your location, change location, or get around any filters at school.

What type of VPN works on school wifi for my apps and games?

The best type of VPN you should choose  for schools and colleges to unlock websites should have these critical factors:

  • No usage logs, ever
  • Lightning fast, and optimized for speed and stability
  • Strong military grade encryption
  • Ability to unlock geo-restricted content

Most students today use VPN Proxy. VPN Proxy is one such VPN that will work on school wifi network to unlock your games and apps.

It also has no ads, forever. WhatVPN Proxy for Android helps to do is also to retain your pricy by not collecting nor selling your data ever:

  • NO ADS
  • NO LOGS policy
  • Also unlocks school wi-fi restrictions
  • Install and use for FREE. Get 3 days free trial
  • Upgrade to premium only if you like
  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Previously top rated for iOS, just released on Android

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