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Transform your phone or computer into a fax machine

Use Zap Fax to send and receive faxes anywhere and on the go

Use Zap Fax to send fax from fax from iPhone in high quality and on the go.

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Fax machine reimagined for smartphones and computers

Zap Fax makes sending and receiving fax from iPhone or your computer as easy as sending a text message.

Send and receive with private fax number

Zap Fax assigns you with a private number to send and receive faxes directly on your smartphone or computer

Get International fax numbers

Zap Fax supports international faxing using fax numbers from over 35+ countries.

Scan documents in high quality

Scan documents or other paper using your smartphone camera with automatic detection features.

Generate PDF

Convert fax into PDF for easy viewing and annotate directly in Zap Fax.

Share and email

Share any fax document with people you know or send directly to someone using email.

Lowest faxing rates

Enjoy the lowest faxing rates and avoiding buying expensive fax machines.

Why use Zap Fax?

Learn why you should use Zap Fax to solve your personal
and business fax needs.

Avoid buying costly fax machines

With Zap Fax, your phone is now a fax machine to send outgoing and receive incoming faxes. Fax from iPhone, save money, and save your precious time- avoid buying a fax machine and never visit a fax shop again.

Send high-quality, business-grade fax

Zap Fax uses an easy document scanning method to create crystal-clear scans. Send fax easily and in high-quality for all your personal and business needs, in a Fax App.

Receive faxes too

Select from private fax numbers to receive fax from anywhere around the world. With your own Zap Fax number, just kick back and receive faxes directly into your phone any time and day.

Transform your phone or computer into a fax machine

Send and receives faxes directly from your phone or computer with Fax Zap

See ways you can use Zap Fax

See how you can use Zap Fax for your business and personal faxing needs.

Send faxes for business

Fax is still widely used by businesses today as a way to send files and documents. If you do not have access to a fax machine, it will be a problem to get your documents across in the expected time.

Zap Fax solves this by becoming a business fax machine within your smartphone.

Business fax features

  • Scan documents using camera
  • Preview before sending
  • Send as fax, save as email

Send fax of personal documents to agencies

You might be asked by government agencies to fax important personal documents from time to time. When that happens, it would usually mean several trips to the fax shop, plus hours of wasted time.

With Zap Fax, you can submit documents via fax directly from your smartphone and get your applications processed immediately to save yourself previous time.

Personal Fax Features

  • Send fax directly from smartphone
  • Fax anywhere and anytime
  • Avoid trips to fax shop and avoid buying a fax machine

Use as fax machine to receive fax

If you rely on fax to receive documents for work, Zap Fax immediately give you the ability to receive unlimited faxes straight into Zap Fax inbox.

Get the ability to receive unlimited fax without the need to buy a bulky and expensive fax machine.

Receive Fax Features

  • Receive unlimited faxes
  • Avoid buying expensive fax machines
  • Get fax numbers from over 35+ countries

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5 Stars
Awesome and I’m not going to lie

I was VERY skeptical since I’ve had so many of these. But this one, 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽. Does ALL of what I need, and more. I’d give 6 stars if I could!

Cali Wayne

5 Stars
I sent fax within seconds

It literally took me seconds to send 3 faxes it was super easy! So far liking the app


5 Stars
Best fax app

This is the BEST faxing application out there. Highly recommend for everyone.



1.How long does it take for my recipient to receive fax?

Zap Fax use local fax gateways and carriers based on the destination to ensure the quickest fax delivery speeds. Your contact should receive your fax within minutes to seconds.

2. Does it work with international faxing?

Zap Fax supports sending of fax internationally, as well as receiving of fax from foreign and international numbers. You can send and receive fax to/from any country you want, or even obtain a local fax number from another country.

3. What is the quality of fax like?

Zap Fax provides a crystal clear, high quality scans and faxes, that are suitable for submitting government documents or for business contracts and documents.

4. Can I obtain a local fax number from another state or country?

Yes, you can obtain a fax number from any of the states and countries that we support. Tap on Menu -> Get Premium Fax number, and choose your own fax numbers from 50 States and over 20+ countries.

Fax directly from your smartphone or computer

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