If you have an iPhone, why not use it as an Apple burner phone?

Apple recently started taking serious steps towards better user privacy, but it’s still not enough.

If you really want to keep your phone number safe, you should use either an ios burner app or tweak your iPhone into an apple burner phone.

Not sure how to transform your iPhone into an apple burner phone? Read on to find out.

Turn your iPhone into an apple burner phone with Phoner

By itself, iPhones aren’t burner phones.

They’re pricey and feature-rich. Not exactly something anybody would dispose of after one use.

But if you want to get a burner phone, you don’t have to buy a separate cell phone.

All you need is Phoner.

Phoner burner phone app gives you access to unlimited burner phone numbers from around the world. Simply get it from the Apple Store, install it and start using your iPhone as an apple burner phone, easy and hassle-free.

How to get an apple burner phone with Phoner

To get started, simply download Phoner burner number app from the Apple Store and install it on your iPhone.

Once you’ve downloaded Phoner, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap “Get Premium Number”.
  3. Select a Country. Take note that some countries require identity verification
  4. Select a state/province and area code.
  5. Pick a number from the list.
  6. Choose to pay-as-you-go with credits, or pick a plan.

You won’t need a separate SIM card to use your new burner phone number with Phoner.

Any number you get on Phoner reliably sends and receives texts and calls, just like your actual phone number.

Phoner's burner numbers reliably send and receive texts and calls

But unlike your real phone number, your Phoner number is anonymous and untraceable.

Use your Phoner number for as long as you like, as often as you want. Need another number? Simply pick another one from our range of unlimited burner phone numbers.

By using your Phoner number to make calls and texts, you can use your iPhone as an Apple burner phone in any situation.

What to take note when using iPhone as an Apple burner phone

It’s certainly easy to use your iPhone as an Apple burner phone, but just as easy to lose your privacy protection as well.

iPhones are feature-rich. And unlike your run-of-the-mill burner phones, iPhones also come with unique IMEI numbers that can be used to track and identify users.

If you want to use your old (or new) iPhone as an Apple burner phone, here’s what you need to know:

Tip 1: Refrain from using the same burner phone number more than once.

Regardless of what kind of burner phone or burner phone app you’re using, this rule always holds.

You should avoid using a burner number more than once or twice

A burner phone or burner phone number should only be used once. Frequent usage of the same device or number makes it easier for anyone with the right tools and know-how to track you down.

This is especially the case for iPhones, which come with unique IMEI numbers.

With Phoner, we recommend disposing of burner phone numbers after just 1 to 2 calls.

If you plan to use our burner phone numbers as a permanent second phone number, know that the privacy protection afforded by burner phone numbers may not apply anymore.

Tip 2: Refrain from engaging in online activity on your iPhone

A good reason why you should use a burner phone app instead is this – you shouldn’t be surfing the internet on a burner phone.

You should never engage in online activity on a burner phone

Most mobile devices today have a unique MAC address. When a device connects to the internet, this MAC address is shared with your internet service provider (ISP).

By sharing your MAC address, your ISP is able to track your online activity and trace your whereabouts.

The thing is, who gets an iPhone but doesn’t go online?

With a burner phone app like Phoner, you won’t need to worry about this.

Tip 3: Check your iPhone privacy settings

Even the best burner phone app won’t keep you completely anonymous if your phone is actively sharing your data on-the-go.

Be sure to also optimise your iPhone' privacy settings

If you don’t already know, many mobile devices have in-built ad-tracking and location-tracking features that share your online and physical activity with companies.

The good news? Apple has made it easier for users to configure their user privacy settings on iPhones. If you’re not sure how and where to get started, we highly recommend giving our iPhone privacy guide a quick read.

Start using your iPhone as an apple burner phone today

Apple is going the extra mile on user privacy, but to really stay private on your iPhone, a burner phone app like Phoner is an absolute must.

Just remember, getting a burner phone app isn’t enough.

Always check your iPhone’s privacy settings, change burner phone numbers often and never reveal any information that can be traced back to you.

And that’s how to use your iPhone as an Apple burner phone. Get fuss-free  phone number privacy with Phonertoday!