Want to turn your cell phone into an android burner phone? Forget about getting a second device, all you need is our Phoner burner number app.

Many android burner apps pack features that even the best android burner phones lack.

Not only do they offer more privacy protection, android burner apps like our own Phoner also tend to be cheaper to use.

Phoner packs many features even the best android burner phones won't have

Here’re 5 reasons why any android device can be the best android burner phone with Phoner.

5 Phoner features even the best android burner phone doesn’t have

Advantage 1: Phoner’s numbers don’t require an additional SIM card

(image credit: Forbes) You don't need a new SIM card for your numbers on Phoner

On a regular android burner phone, you’ll need to change SIM cards every time you want to use a different burner phone number.

This means two things:

  1. You’ll need to buy lots of SIM cards if you plan to use many burner phone numbers at the same time
  2. You’ll need just as many if you plan to dispose of a number after just one or two uses.

Not only does the cost of buying so many SIM cards add up over time, every SIM card you buy risks leaving a trail that someone else can use to trace the purchase back to you.

With Phoner however, you have access to unlimited burner numbers from around the world that you can immediately use without needing a new SIM card.

To start using a new burner number with Phoner, simply buy credits and start sending calls and texts.

Advantage 2: Phoner has unlimited numbers

Phoner has burner numbers from around the world - and you get to use as many of them as you want.

That brings us to the second advantage Phoner has.

Compared to your regular android burner phone, Phoner doesn’t limit you to just one number.

On an android burner phone, the maximum number of numbers you can use is likely just one or two by default.

Phoner’s burner numbers can also be used anywhere in the world. On the flipside, that SIM card your burner number is on may only work within certain countries or regions.

But Phoner lets you use as many as you want with a few simple steps. As long as you have enough call credits, you can use Phoner’s burner numbers as much as you want with no restrictions.

Advantage 3: Phoner has an in-built call-recording function

Use Phoner's call recording feature to save audio snippets of important or sensitive conversations.

A big plus that Phoner has over regular android burner phones is that it comes with a free call recording function.

Sometimes protecting your privacy and security requires you to collect audio evidence.

Whether you’re entering into a contract via a call, conducting business or even casually dating on the phone, call recordings can not only keep you on the right side of the law, but ensure your personal safety as well.

Your regular burner phone may be able to make anonymous calls, but it sure won’t let you record them by default.

Advantage 4: Phoner is 100% transferable between phones

Phoner is fully transferable from one mobile device to another

The biggest issue with android burner phones is that sometimes the content you receive or even the burner number you’re using is non-transferrable.

That means you won’t be able to use the burner phone anymore if you plan on switching to another device.

If you’re using a burner phone only temporarily and plan to discard after just one or two uses, this isn’t much of an issue for you.

But if you’re using an android burner phone as a long-term, separate phone number for business or dating, this would spell unnecessary headache for you.

With Phoner, you won’t need to worry about this.

Phoner is a burner number app, so everything you receive on the app can still be seen when you delete the app and re-install it on the same or separate mobile device.

Advantage 5: Phoner doesn’t leave a physical trail

(image credit: Marketing Land) Phoner is a digital app, so don't worry about leaving a physical trail. 

Above all, Phoner is fully digital.

Throw away a burner number on Phoner and nobody’s none the wiser.

With a regular android burner phone however, throwing away your burner phone, or even the SIM card that goes with it, leaves a physical trail that may be traced back to you.

When you use Phoner, your personal information is also kept confidential on our end. While some numbers require ID verification, we don’t keep your personal information.

In contrast, a burner phone bought on a contract basis, or via any payment method other than cash can easily be traced back to you.

Get better android number privacy with Phoner

Android burner phones are cheap and ready to use. But if you really want the best phone number privacy protection, there’s no better option than Phoner.

With unlimited numbers on a fully digital app that’s transferable between mobile devices, Phoner’s many advantages give it a clear edge over your regular android burner phone.

So that was 5 advantages our Phoner burner number app has over even the best android burner phones in the market. Get Phoner today for fuss-free phone number privacy protection today!