Almost every iPhone user is familiar with private calls or unknown calls. Some of these calls are really annoying when you're going through a busy schedule.

However, there are certain situations where you find yourself as someone in need to make an anonymous call. It may be for various personal and business reasons.

If you want to learn how to make an anonymous call on an Apple cell phone, this article is for you to get all the information related to anonymous calls.

Three ways you can make an anonymous call from your iPhone

The majority of callers don’t know how to dial anonymously from iPhone.

If you don’t have an idea of how to make your number private on iPhone, go through the following steps:

Method 1: Adding *67 Prefix on iPhone Calling Screen

You can make an anonymous call iPhone by adding a prefix like- *67 before typing the number in the dial pad on your calling screen.. You should know the usable prefix for your country that makes your number private.

Method 2: Get carrier to block outbound caller ID

You can keep your number private by merely blocking your outbound caller ID.

Some carriers support blocking of caller ID as an added service. You may have to pay a small fee in order to allow this.

This is also a helpful option and sure way to allow you to make anonymous calls iPhone.

Method 3: Google Voice

A caller can also sign up for Google Voice services to make anonymous calls to different countries of the world.

Google Voice gives you a free US phone number that you can use to text and call from. However, its number options are quite limited in terms of area code.

Method 4: Phoner - Second Phone Number App

The Phoner app is an excellent choice in terms of making free anonymous calls to people. After signing up for an account, you can pick a free anonymous number, and you can call different people using that number. The person you're calling will see the new number on the caller ID instead of your real number.

Phoner is available as an iOS texting app. If you’re an iPhone-user, you will find that Phoner has a big user base among iPhone users.

If you are on an Android phone, Phoner is also available as an Android texting app. Phoner does not have as big a user base on Apple devices, but it is a growing app on an Android platform.

What are anonymous phone calls?

When you receive a phone call on your iPhone or Android device, and the caller ID doesn't show the caller's name, it is regarded as an anonymous phone call.

However some people regard anonymous phone calls only as the event where the caller ID shows up as "Unknown" or "Blocked".

For simplicity sake, we regard any call that comes from an unrecognized or unidentified caller is anonymous.

Reasons why you want to make an anonymous phone call

Generally, people make anonymous calls on iPhone for different reasons as per their personal needs. One of the trending reasons for making anonymous phone calls is hiding identity.

Celebrity Privacy

Specifically, celebrities and eminent individuals hide their caller IDs for this hiding their identities while calling. This way, they can make necessary calls without letting the receiver know who they are.

Apart from celebrities, many other successful people also do the same. In placing an order or buying something online, they contact their service providers through anonymous phone calls.

Avoid giving out real number  

Most anonymous callers use anonymous phone calls to avoid return calls. It often happens that you call someone, and your number gets saved onto a calling list and gets sold around.

Not everyone is responsible enough to maintain your privacy, and that's why anonymous calls are significant. As you set your caller ID as a private caller, people won't see your number when you call them. This is another primary reason why people make anonymous calls from your iPhone.

Prank Friends

Sometimes people make anonymous phone calls to prank their friends or acquaintances. There are a lot of callers who register themselves as anonymous callers just for doing pranks with people they know.


Most telemarketers make anonymous calls iPhone to sell products or sometimes for surveys as well.

Blocked by a person

In other situations, your number may be blocked by someone, but you still have to reach him desperately, you can do this by making an anonymous call from your iPhone.