Communications technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, and one of the key innovations has been the proliferation of anonymous virtual phone numbers.

Virtual numbers have proven incredibly useful for a range of use cases, including anonymous calling and texting. In this article we’ll look at why they’ve become so popular and how you can leverage them in some really interesting ways.

What is an Anonymous Virtual Phone Number?'

An anonymous virtual phone number is, as the name suggests, a phone number that is not tied to your identity in any way.  This provides unparalleled privacy and protection for instances where you don’t want to make your actual phone number known to other people.  

The virtual nature of this means that you don’t to purchase another phone or sim card to achieve this – you can do it through technology, achieving the same result in a much more convenient way.

3 Reasons to Use an Anonymous Phone Number

Here are three reasons among many why you might consider getting a free virtual phone number:

Reason 1: Separating your business and personal lives


Many business owners want a unique number to use for their business operations that is not tied to their personal phone so that they can compartmentalize those sections of their life and keep their private phone number for friends and family only.  A free anonymous phone number is a great choice here because it will keep that distinction clean and clear.

Reason 2: Personal privacy

Whenever we interact with online services such as websites, dating apps, classifieds services and the like, we leak personal data.  Our phone number is one of the most important pieces that we need to protect and using an anonymous virtual phone number helps with that.  Instead of figuring out how to fake phone number, you can get an anonymous virtual phone number that acts as that privacy protector in whatever situation you’re in.

Reason 3: Hiding Caller ID

There are certain cases when you want to call/text someone without letting them know who is calling.  This is useful if you’re trying to get around certain screening procedures or if they’ve blocked you in the past.  Anonymous virtual phone numbers solve this problem.

How Do I Get an Anonymous Phone Number?

Option 1: New phone and SIM card

Buy a new phone and sim card that isn’t linked to your name and block Caller ID in the settings to achieve an anonymous phone number.  This can be a tedious process however and is probably more admin than is needed.

Option 2: Google Voice

Google Voice offers virtual phone numbers that can be used worldwide and this can be a good fit for businesspeople.  However, for many the cost is prohibitive and adds up quickly and it’s not entirely anonymous because it can be linked back to a Google Account in certain cases.

Option 3: Phoner 2nd Number App

The best option in our opinion is make use of an app called Phoner (iOS, Android) that allows you to get a second phone number easily without having to buy a new phone or a new sim card.  The free app that changes your phone number is a simple, efficient way to do this and as fake number apps go, you won’t find any better.

Download Phoner here:

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Android -

Conclusion: Get an anonymous virtual phone number

Anonymous virtual phone numbers are popular for a reason.  They solve a range of different problems and are a great way to maintain your privacy and protection while interacting online and in the real world.  It’s important to take this stuff seriously – you’ll regret it if you don’t.