Searching “where can I buy a burner phone near me”?

Getting a burner phone is great for your privacy – until it isn’t.

By themselves, burner phones are designed to protect your privacy.

But thing is, whether burner phones actually protect your privacy or not depends on how your buy and use it.

It’s easy to find burner phones sold at many locations near you.

But do you know where to buy a burner phone that actually keeps your calls and texts untraceable?

Read on to find out.

Before you search “buy a burner phone near me”

Burner phones often come cheap. So does the privacy protection that comes with them.

There’re many situations where tracing a burner phone becomes possible, and part of that boils down to where you got the burner phone in the first place.

Situation 1: You bought your burner phone on a contract

Don't sign your privacy away with a contract.

First things first: you’re getting a burner phone to protect your privacy.

By filling in a contract, you’re giving away your personal information even before you’ve switched your burner phone on.

If you’re buying a burner phone and get handed a contract, walk away.

Don’t sign your privacy away.

Situation 2: You bought your burner phone for a major retailer or mobile carrier

Always avoid getting a burner phone from a major retailer like Walmart.

Never, ever, buy a burner phone from any major retailer or mobile carrier.

That’s because burner phones from these places can be tracked, since they typically require identity registration.

Buying a burner phone from T-Mobile, for example, will require you providing your:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Bank account / credit card information

As with situation 1, buying a burner phone from a major retailer or mobile carrier sometimes also requires you to enter into a contract.

Situation 3: You didn’t pay for your burner phone in cash

You should only pay for your burner phone in cash.

Last but not least, you should only pay for a burner phone upfront with cold hard cash.

Avoid paying via card or bank transfer, as both leave a digital trail that can be traced back to you.

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