Should you get a cheap burner phone for texting?

Whether you’re looking for a cheap second cell phone or simply want to protect your privacy, burner phones are here for you.

Or so you think.

The thing about burner phones is this: they come cheap, and so does the privacy protection they offer.

That’s because all it takes to expose your privacy on a burner phone is to simply:

  • Buy it wrongly, or
  • Use it wrongly

Not sure if you should get a cheap burner phone for texting? Read on to find out.

The only time you need that cheap burner phone for texting is this

(image credit: The Urban Survival Kit) There's only one time you'll really ever need a cheap burner phone for texting.

If you’ve checked out our earlier takes on burner phones, you’ll probably already know where this is headed.

Here’s the thing: you don’t actually need a burner phone these days.

Want to save costs while calling and texting? Free Voice-over-Internet-Protocol providers like WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal are everywhere.

Want to really protect your privacy and more? Burner apps have so much more to offer over burner phones.

So when’s the only time you should consider a cheap burner phone?

It’s only if:

  • You’re doing physical activity that could damage your actual cell phone
  • You’re headed someplace with extreme conditions that could damage your cell phone

And that’s it. Only get a burner phone if phone safety is a major concern for you.

Why getting a cheap burner phone for texting just isn’t worth it

That cheap burner phone you just got might not be the bargain you were looking for. 

Contrary to what you might think, a cheap burner phone isn’t exactly a steal.

In fact, the privacy protection you’re getting out of it might not be worth the price at all.

That’s because buying your burner phone:

  • From a major retailer like Walmart or Amazon
  • Online from an ecommerce store
  • On a contract

already places your privacy at risk.

And that’s not all. It’s not just how you buy a burner phone – it’s also about how you use it.

If you’ve used your burner phone for too long, or for online activity, your privacy goes straight down the drain too.

Plus, burner phones simply don’t pack the same punch as most burner apps do.

Most burner phones only let you use one burner number at a time. Burner apps? 2, or even unlimited numbers.

Better yet, burner apps also come with built-in features most burner phones don’t offer.

Our very own Phoner, for example, comes with a call recording function and spam identification feature.

Forget cheap burner phones for texting, get Phoner instead

At the end of the day, you won’t be getting a fair deal out of cheap burner phones. A cheap burner phone for texting only? That’s just not fair to yourself.

For truly reliable privacy protection, try a burner number app like Phoner for Android or iOS instead.

With Phoner, get access to unlimited burner numbers you can reliably use anytime, anywhere.

Phoner will never store or share your information.

On Phoner, you’ll never sign a single contract.

Use burner numbers as long as you want. Pay only for what you want, whenever you need.

So, is getting cheap burner phone for texting worth it? Frankly, there’re better options out there. Protect your privacy the smarter way when you get Phoner on Android or iOS today!