Buying burner phones for sale? They might not be the bargain you’re looking for.

It’s always nice grabbing anything at a steal, and burner phones are no exception.

But while burner phones come at a low price tag, your privacy doesn’t come cheap.

All it takes is one wrong move, and that untraceable cell phone of yours isn’t so untraceable anymore.

Are burner phones for sale really worth it? Here’s our take.

This is the only time you should get burner phones for sale

(image credit: Cellular News) Truth: you don't actually need a burner phone nowadays.

Fact: you’ll really ever need a burner phone these days.

Whether you plan to protect your privacy on casual datesor while traveling overseas, the only time you should consider a burner phone is if you’re:

  • Doing any physical activity that could damage your cell phone
  • Going someplace with extreme conditions that could damage your cell phone

Simply put: only get a burner phone if phone safety is a major concern.

And that’s not all – there’s lots more reasons why burner phones for sale just aren’t worth it.

It’s easy to lose your privacy with burner phones

We’ve constantly stressed that burner phones only protect your privacy if you bought and used them correctly.

If you bought a burner phone that was:

  • on sale at a major retailer like Walmart or Amazon
  • sold online
  • bought on a contract

chances are, you’re not really getting a fair deal. Or, if you used your burner phone for:

  • online activity without a VPN
  • an extended period of time

That burner phone of yours isn’t exactly an untraceable cell phone anymore.

Forger burner phones: Burner apps are cheaper and better

Forget burner phones - save yourself the trouble with fuss-free burner apps.

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All you really need is your cell phone, and a reliable burner app.

That’s because with burner apps, you won’t have to worry about accidentally exposing your privacy ever.

No contracts.

No recording or storage of personal details.

What happens on the app, stays in the app.

Best of all, burner apps typically let you use more burner numbers at a time, at a far cheaper cost than most burner phones.

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