Help! I need to send an anonymous text message but I'm not sure how to do this! How can I send anonymous text messages through the internet?

What are anonymous texts?

Anonymous text messages allows you convey a message without exposing your real number, making it perfect for the many use-cases. Here are some ways in which you can use anonymous text messages for:

What you can use anonymous text messages for

  1. Tell someone that you love them, in a very sweet way that leaves them guessing!
  2. Tell a classmate you have a crush on them
  3. Send SMS warnings to friends to alert them
  4. Report to authorities about illegal activities
  5. Inform tax office about tax cheaters as whistle-blowers (wikileaks!)
  6. Inform innocent wives about cheating husbands
  7. Report fraud to anti fraud organizations
  8. Tell management about something bad a colleague has been doing

What you should NOT use anonymous text messages for

Anonymous text messages can also enable illegal activity, but we do not support this and we stand should not be used for illegal activities. Sending anonymous texts with message content with death threats, abuse, slander is illegal should be avoided.

By sending an anonymous text message for the purpose of fraud or harassment, you may be violating laws and committing a crime which may lead to serious legal consequences.

How do I send and receive anonymous texts messages?

Sending anonymous text message through the internet is easy if you already have something called a second phone number app.

Second phone number apps gives you the ability to pick new phone numbers that are anonymous to call or text from. Anonymous numbers mask and hide your caller ID and real number.

Once you are done sending the anonymous text, just dispose or burn the anonymous number. It's really that simple.

Which second phone number app should I use?

Phoner Anonymous Text Message App by Appsverse is has been helping millions of active uses send anonymous text messages through the internet everyday with trust and reliability.

Our anonymous numbers have the ability to send anonymous text messages, send picture messages, and also make calls. So if you looking to make a prank and were only planning of sending anonymous text messages through internet, you also get to make prank calls a part of your arsenal. Prank calls also work through the internet and not your actual phone line.

Everyday, our second phone number app help to send over 100,000 anonymous text messages through the internet, making us the world's largest and most trusted anonymous text message service on the internet.

Does Phoner allow me to receive anonymous text back too?

If you want to see the outcome or reaction from your anonymous text message, keep the number and use it to receive messages back- anonymously! No one will know who you are as anonymous numbers are not linked to your actual phone number in any way.

Does Phoner allow me to send anonymous text for free?

Phoner Anonymous Text Message App by Appsverse gives you Free Credits to start sending free anonymous sms messages without having to commit to paying and paying a single cent.. Also, the Free Phoner Number (anonymous phone line) works immediately to send anonymous text messages through internet, once you download the app.

Conclusion: Download Phoner to send anonymous text message over the internet

Phoner for Appsverse is the top rated anonymous texting and calling app on the iOS and Google Play Store. Try out Phoner from Appsverse to send anonymous texts. See it here.