A lot of people ask what is HA Tunnel Plus for iPhone and how to get it. HA Tunnel Plus is a VPN client which can be used to access the internet securely. HA Tunnel Plus is however different from other VPN apps in that it makes use of custom files called HAT files in order to tunnel your internet connection. While HAT files can be created by individuals, most people have to download their HAT files on the internet.

What is Ha Tunnel Plus for iPhone: An Explanation

HA Tunnel Plus is however unavailable for download on the Apple App Store. The only way to get the app running on iOS devices is to go the roundabout way of installing an android emulator on your device. This is however an over-complicated solution for a nonexistent problem as there are other alternatives to HA Tunnel Plus that can be downloaded straight from the Apple App Store. A few of them will be discussed below.

What is Ha Tunnel Plus for iPhone: Benefits of VPN for iPhone


Fans of the iOS ecosystem want HA Tunnel Plus on iPhone because they want to enjoy the benefits of a VPN on their iPhones. Some of the benefits of using a VPN on an iPhone are highlighted below.

  1. Enjoy access to geo-locked content

One of the major benefits of using a VPN is that it allows you to access content that is locked to users from your region. Some shows on Netflix for example are only available to subscribers from certain regions. There are also some services that are just not available to people in certain countries. A VPN app helps you to bypass all these restrictions by tunneling your internet through special secure servers. This means that information such as your location can be disguised in order to allow you access whatever content you want to access on the internet.

2.   Enjoy maximum privacy while you browse

When you surf the internet, a bunch of services has access to your data. This includes your internet service provider as well as some of the websites you visit. To keep your browsing information secure, an investment in a good VPN app is a good idea. The best VPN apps have no-log policies which mean that none of the information that is routed through their servers is kept. What this means for your privacy is that once you access the internet, all traces of your internet access are cleaned up after you.

3.   Bypass ISP throttling

Your internet service provider may sometimes slow down the speed of your internet connection to certain services. Streaming services often fall victim to this throttling which results in buffering issues. Since your ISP is rendered incapable of deciphering what service you are connected to when you use the internet, they are unable to throttle your speed, leaving you to enjoy the full speed of your internet.

What is Ha Tunnel Plus for iPhone: Top VPN Alternatives

The Following are the best VPN apps to use on iPhones since you cannot get HA Tunnel Plus on iPhone.

  1. VPN Vault by Appsverse

This is hands down the best VPN app you will find on the AppStore. It offers a great mix of affordability and performance. With features such as military-grade encryption and thousands of servers in over 75 countries, you are able to access content locked to any region which makes it the best VPN for Netflix unblocking. You also enjoy super-fast uploads and downloads when you connect through VPN Vault by Appsverse. VPN Vault is available for not just iPhones but also Android devices.

2.   Cyberghost

This is another great VPN app for iPhones and offers one of the best free VPN app experiences. This VPN app offers all of the bells and whistles of a good VPN in its premium version.

3.   SurfShark

This is another option to consider if you value internet privacy and security. SurfShark will help you enjoy a great internet surfing session.

What is Ha Tunnel Plus for iPhone: Which VPN app do I choose?

While you cannot have HA Tunnel on your iPhone without going through some roundabout, unofficial processes, VPN Vault by Appsverse can be installed straight from the AppStore to give you the best VPN experience on iOS.