A joke’s only a joke if everyone laughs when it’s told. It’s no different for funny prank call ideas for friends too – what sounds hilarious on paper doesn’t always turn out they way you want it to, especially if you’re clumsy at improvising.

With friends however, you won’t have to worry about toeing the fine line between making someone’s day and getting an unsolicited visit from the police. Your mates already have a taste of your brand of humor, and you know what jokes work better on which friend. Everyone walks away knowing it’s just harmless fun. All you need to do? Simply make the most hilarious prank call :)

If you’re looking for a little spice in your life with a chance of burning bridges, scroll down for 5 of the funniest prank call ideas for friends you should definitely try on your friends!

5 funny prank call ideas for friends that are way too hilarious to miss

Prank Call #1: Fake Promo Prank Call

This prank call idea gets more hilarious if you prank a friend who's easily over-excited.

Let's start our list of funny prank call ideas for friends with a tried-and-tested classic. Drop a call to a friend who easily gets overexcited, and tell them they’ve won a prize. It could be some million-dollar lottery jackpot, or an electronic appliance they won in a lucky draw – whatever it is, make it sound credible. Then tell them they’ll need to head over to a location to get their reward.

At this point, you can simply end the prank call here and revel in sly delight. Or, you could pair this up with surprise celebration and wrap things up with wholesome laughs!

Prank Call #2: Fake Crush Prank Call

Got a friend who's really into someone? This funny prank call idea is perfect.

Few funny prank call idea for friends get as interesting as this one if you have a friend who’s into someone. Simply drop that friend a call while doing your best impression of his or her crush, and get them to meet you at an address. Leaving a “nobody’s home” note for them to see feels quite anticlimactic, so we recommend getting your friend to actually hear you physically call out to him or her. If you call pull off a great impression, of course.

To take this prank call idea to a crazy hilarious level, try mixing things up with a bit of “Simon says” too!

Prank Call #3: Unsuspected Answer Prank Call

Take advantage of the element of surprise with this funny prank call idea.

Let’s get this straight - you need to sound absolutely natural for this prank call idea to work.  Some funny prank call ideas for friends require a poker face and a bit of finesse, and this is one of them. There are two ways to do this:

(1). Simply call a friend and ask, “Is (electrical appliance) running?”. When they reply “Yes”, respond with “Okay, let me know if you need any help catching it” or “Why aren’t you running after it already?”.

(2). Call a friend and tell him / her that you’re conducting a survey. Start off with some normal, genuine questions, then start shooting him or her really weird ones like “Can your tablecloth fly” or “What colour are your nails”. For some more fun, probe them with questions that reveal their physical traits – they might just think you’re some sort of secret stalker!

Prank Call #4: “Who Called” Prank Call

You can't go wrong with this prank call idea with friends.

This one’s another time-tested favourite.  Unlike the previous funny prank call ideas for friends that heavily depend on how you deliver the joke, this one is all about getting the right reactions from your friend. If improvising and going with flow isn’t quite up your alley, give this a try.

There’re two ways about this:

(1). Call a friend, and in your most exasperated voice, tell them to stop calling you. If they protest that you were the one who called, keep insisting that it was them instead and that you’ll call the police and report their number if they keep calling you.

(2).  Another way is to simply insist that you are not the one who called and that it was the friend who you’re pranking who called you first. Depending how your friend chooses to react, you could be in for a fiery tirade, or one long argument.

Prank Call #5: “Bring me some toilet paper” Prank Call

The most hilarious prank call idea might actually be getting your friends to laugh at you.

Humor knows no other face like schadenfreude, and sometimes funny prank call ideas for friends can be one that gets them laughing at your expense.  

As the prank call implies, simply call a friend and tell them that you’re stuck in a public toilet without toilet paper. Insist that they bring you some, and quickly hang up for effect. This can get really devious if you know a friend who’s working at a restaurant or public space. Still, you’re probably cool with burning a few bridges if you’ve read this far already, aren’t you?

For a more hilarious experience, switch toilet paper for something more bulkier and pair this with a surprise event!

Want MORE funny prank call ideas for friends? Check out what your fellow pranksters on Reddit have been up to, and don’t forget to take a leaf from the king of prank calling himself!

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