Struggling to find a burner phone company for your privacy needs?

With so many burner apps and just as many burner phone companies today, it can be difficult figuring out which works for you best.

Tired of wasting your time? This guide is just for you.

From super low rates to the lowdown on customer support, here are 5 burner phone companies you should give a try.

3  burner phone companies for your phone privacy needs

Company 1: Tracfone

Tracfone is a well-known MVNO operating on all four major mobile carriers.

Tracfone is a well-established mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that operates on all four major mobile carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

Plans with Tracfone start at just $10 for 30 mins, and also allow unlimited rollover data. Do take note however, that Tracfone does not support mobile hotspot.

Another point to take note of is that Tracfone users will not be able to receive in-person support. If you face any issues with activating or setting up your mobile device, you’ll need to ring up the customer service hotline and receive assistance remotely.

Company 2: Boost Mobile

(image credit: PhoneDog) Boost Mobile is another well-known MVNO that runs only on Sprint's network.

Another well-known MVNO, Boost Mobile runs solely on Sprint’s network.

What makes Boost Mobile stand out from the crowd is its unlimited call and text plans that start at $35. Customers can also pick from a range of monthly and daily plans.

The biggest issue with Boost Mobile lies in the fact that it’s fully reliant on Sprint’s mobile network. Because Sprint itself tends to be relatively less reliable, Boost Mobile won’t be so different either.

Company 3: Mint Mobile

Last but not least, Mint Mobile is another MVNO that operates on T-mobile's network.

Mint Mobile is another MVNO that operates on T-mobile’s networks. This is a particularly huge advantage, given that T-mobile tends to have the fastest average upload speeds.

A bigger plus? T-mobile networks have 5G nationwide service, and Mint Mobile users get to use it for no extra charge.

Mint Mobile’s plans include 3-month, 6-month and yearly plans.

Plans also start at $15 for unlimited calls and texts. Basic plans come with 3GB of mobile data, with premium plans offering unlimited data usage.

With Mint Mobile, you can also make calls to Mexico and Canada for free, and you won’t be charged extra for mobile hotspot usage either.

One issue: Mint Mobile doesn’t have a physical presence anywhere, and you’ll need to contact customer support via a dedicated hotline.

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