Not sure if you should get a burner phone for tinder?

Casual dating is all fun and games – until it’s not.

In fact, your privacy is already at risk even before you get your first match.

If you’re looking to date safely on Tinder, you definitely need a burner number.

But should you get a burner phone?

Most of the time, you probably won’t need to.

Privacy is important, but you don’t really need a burner phone for Tinder

We’ve mentioned this before in many of our earlier articles and can’t help but stress this again: the only time you should seriously consider getting a burner phone is if you’re engaging in physical activity that could damage your cell phone.

Late-night partying with your casual date? A burner phone might make sense 

If you’re planning to hang out at a club or rave party, a burner phone might make sense.

But for most casual dates, there’s no need to get a burner phone just for Tinder.

All you really need is a tinder burner phone number, and there’re faster (and cheaper) ways to get one.

And here’s why you need a burner phone number for Tinder

In an earlier article, we took a quick look at why you should get a burner number of Tinder. Here’re 3 reasons you should get a tinder burner number.

Reason 1: Anyone can look you up using your phone number.

Tinder continues to claim that users can only look someone up after matching with him or her. That’s not entirely true.

In fact, it’s still possible for anyone on Tinder to search for someone solely by their phone number.

Anyone can look you up on Tinder with just your phone number.

To do so, you simply need to:

  • Do a reverse lookup via a free people search service
  • Use phone numbers to identify associated social media handles

Tinder has allowed users to sign in via Facebook since 2018, and users can also share their Instagram photos below their bio now.

This means that a single phone number is likely connected to a person’s entire online presence.

And that also means it’s a lot easier to track a person with just his or her phone number.

Reason 2: Tinder shares your information with third parties

Tinder has gotten a lot of bad press for its many privacy scandals in recent years, and the company is taking steps to protect users better.

Tinder actively shares your information with third parties

But a quick look at its privacy policy shows that it’s not as good as it looks.

Tinder states clearly that user information will be used to serve relevant offers and ads.

Obviously, that means sharing your personal information with advertisers and other third party services you have no interest in.

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Whether you get a burner phone or burner number just for Tinder, both can go a long way in protecting your privacy.

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