A series of of leaked documents detailing various spy and hacking tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) published by popular news leaks site Wikileaks and Donald Trump’s recent Twitter post proclaiming President Obama tapped his phone has led to many wondering, is the government listening to my calls too? It the government spying on me?

It is completely reasonable to suspect that the government is listening to your calls. After all, the U.S. government is already collecting information from internet companies through the PRISM surveillance program.

The leak about the PRISM program came about just one day after news that the U.S Government had been ordering a subsidiary of telecommunications company Verizon to hand over all logs tracking all of its customers' telephone calls.

Government cannot spy or listen without a search warrant

There is good reason to be afraid and worried. After all, the U.S. government has extensive phone and signals intelligence capabilities. But the good news is, according to the law, the government or any of its subsidiary bodies has no right to deliberately tap or listen in on any U.S. citizens and resident without a search warrant.

For a search warrant to be issued on your head, you must have committed a crime, or been suspected of committing a crime.

Possible that a hacker or foreign government is listening to my calls?

Foreign governments and hackers may have the same phone listening capabilities that are not bound by the same rules or under the same law. We can absolutely bet that it is possible hackers and foreign governments have some of our calls intercepted and listening in.

Hackers can make use of malware and to get them on your phones to record your phone conversation. These malware not only allow them to listen to your calls, but also pretty much see and hear everything you perform on your phone. Every tap you make, every message you send, the credit card numbers you enter over websites, these powerful malware have to capability to do much more than tapping phone calls over the air or on the wire.

Use a second phone number for private and secure calls

If you someone is constantly listening on your personal number, here is how to be completely safe. You need use a second phone number instead of your usual personal number to make phone calls.

  • Get another disposable phone number to make calls moving forward
  • Disposable phone numbers are usually untraceable since you can burn them any time per-use
  • Second phone numbers hide and protect your real identity

To get a second phone number, you can use an app like Phoner to quickly buy new and disposable phone numbers. With second phone numbers, even if someone has the ability to tap on your real phone line, chances are, you no longer use it for communicating private or sensitive information.

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