Get a
Second Phone Number

for Business and Personal Privacy

Get started with your own second phone number

Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App
Phoner Second Phone Number App

Get started with your own second phone number

Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App

Why use Phoner?

Phoner is the top rated app that lets you buy second phone numbers
for personal privacy and business productivity.

Second Phone Numbers

Get completely private second phone number without changing your device or signing a new contract.

Hide & Mask your
Caller ID

Text and call with anonymous second phone numbers without revealing your true phone number.

Protect your Identity
& Privacy

Enjoy a peace of mind when you give out your second phone number for work, online dating, Craigslist etc.

One Phone,
Many numbers

Get mulitple phone numbers on just one phone. Burn and dispose unwanted numbers at any time.

Free Texting & Cheap
Voice Calls

Keep your data plan and make calls at cheap rates. Texting is also free when you text from Phoner to Phoner.

International Calling
& Texting

Enjoy overseas calling and texting at cheap rates. Get local numbers when you travel to another country.

Why get a Second Phone Number?

Learn why you should get a second phone number with Phoner.

Simplify your life

Simplify your life by using separate phone numbers. Get one phone number for personal use, and a second phone number for a different purpose— for work and business, for online dating and Craigslist etc.

Retain privacy

Second phone numbers shield your real identity from third parties and people you do not know. Text anonymously and call privately from second phone numbers in Phoner to retain your personal privacy.

Never give out your real phone number again

You will never have to give out your real phone number again with Phoner second phone numbers. Get a second phone number and avoid exposing your real phone number to untrusted parties, websites, callings lists, and robocalling lists and spam messages.

Phoner Second Phone Number App

Protect and hide your real number now with #1 phone burner app

Get private or business numbers when you download Phoner for iOS or Android

Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App
Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App

How can I use Phoner?

See how you can use Phoner and Second Phone Numbers.

For Personal Privacy

Phoner helps you to obtain a second phone number for personal privacy in online and offline situations.

Use second phone numbers to sign up for accounts on websites, mobile apps, text new people you meet online, transact over Craigslist; or join retail memberships, give out to strangers etc.

Protect your identity and retain personal privacy by texting and calling anonymously with Phoner, which masks your real phone number from any new people you may text or meet.

Privacy Features

  • Text & Call Anonymously
  • Hide and mask Caller ID
  • Protect your real phone number
  • No additional SIM needed
Personal privacy

As Business Phone Numbers

Get separate business phone numbers for your work or business to increase productivity and boost responsiveness to customers.

Phoner offers business phone numbers from 35+ countries and 50 states. Getting a new business number with Phoner is dead easy.

With a Phoner business number, text and call from the same device. No need to buy a new phone or get a new contract. Build your business freely and gain ultimate productivity with business phone numbers.

Business Number Features

  • Local business phone numbers in any state
  • No need to buy new device or get new contract
  • Call forwarding and recording
  • Never use your real phone number for work again
Phoner Second Phone Number App

For International Calling and Texting

Get International phone numbers when travelling to a new country, or for talking to loved ones, or for talking to people living far away in another part of the world.

International phone numbers help you to live in a world with barriers. Save on steep international dialing rates and use Phoner to text and call at the lowest rates.

International Calling Features

  • Local numbers in 35+ countries and 50 states
  • Cheap international calling and texting rates
  • Reliable calling
  • Zero SIM card swapping
Phoner Second Phone Number App

Top Rated and Most Downloaded App

Phoner is Top Rated and Most Downloaded Second Phoner Number App on the App Store

4 Million+ Downloads

Over 4 Million+ Downloads

4.6 Stars / 9,100++ Ratings

iOS App Store Ratings

#1 Top
Grossing App

Top Ranked app in iOS App Store

Actual App Store Reviews

5 Stars
It Works!

Sometimes you just can’t put your number out there and this works exactly like a your dedicated cell line with calling and texting. Genius!


5 Stars
Best mobile online phone app

This app is nothing short of amazing. It’s the only app I will ever use


5 Stars

I have used several apps before to be able to make calls out due to my phone being disconnected and this is the only app that has never given me a problem or a substantial amount of time and texts before a subscription is activated. Extremely pleased!



Phoner gives you unlimited phone numbers with just one device and provides an easy to use interface for you to manage them.

There are many reasons why you may want separate multiple numbers:

For singles who are dating online, you may not be quite ready to share your primary phone number yet until you are committed.

If you buying and selling on Craigslist, you may not want to disclose your real numbers to strangers.

If you are a fireman, police officer, lawyer, sales person and other professional, you may want to keep a separate mobile work number from your mobile personal phone.

If you are a traveler going to some other countries and need to be able to text and call internationally for cheap as long as you have a data plan, Phoner can also help with that.

If you want your iPod touch or unused phone to double as a home phone and ditch your landline, Phoner is there for you.

We can keep going but you get the idea.
Texts and calls in Phoner do not count against your cellular phone plan's minutes and texts in any way. All texts or calls made through Phoner rely on data to be sent and received, and does not actually use much data to begin with, so you there is no need to worry.

Your texting and calling activity will also not show up on your bill as it does not use or go through your telco-registered number. Phoner works over the internet and therefore it is not linked to your actual phone plan in any way.
With Phoner, you can start sending anonymous text or make private calls without the need to purchase numbers. When you text or call someone from Phoner, a random phone number will be generated for you. The recipient will only see this Phoner phone number and not your primary phone number. The Phoner number is the quickest way to get started with anonymous calling and texting, and comes available right when you register for an account.

Furthermore, Phoner works over the internet and therefore it is not linked to your actual phone plan in any way. There no way to use a Phoner number or our Premium numbers to trace this back to your real number or identity, making Phoner numbers completely anonymous and private.
Texting from one Phoner app to another is completely free. If you have a premium Phoner number, you can send and receive text to another Phoner user for free and without losing credits.

Your identity is still protected and the other user will still communicate through your Phoner number, except it is now completely free for both parties if the other user is also a Phoner user.

Get a friend to download Phoner app, and enjoy free texting with the person for as long as you want.
Phoner text messages follow SMS conventions, and take 160 characters alphanumeric per message.

One text message with less than 160 characters to a local number will consume one Text. (US, UK, or CA users)

If your message exceeds 160 alphanumeric characters, the message will be broken up into multiple segments, and take more than one Texts. For example, a 161 character message will be sent as two messages and will take two Texts.

If you include non-alphanumeric, non-GSM characters like emoji, those messages have to be sent via UCS-2 encoding and becomes limited to 67 characters per message. When messages are now broken up in to 67 character segments, and therefore take multiple Texts, even if the message contains less than 160 characters. It will take the number of Texts equal to the total number of characters divided by 67 characters.
You can see the international texting and calling rates for each country by tapping on country icon in the dial pad.

To locate this, open Phoner app and go to 'Phone' tab at the bottom toolbar, and tap on the country flag icon at the top left hand of the screen.
If you are trying to text or call locally:

You need to exchange your Credits for Text or Minutes packages. If you click to top up your texts using your Credits, you should be able to text. This can be done by tapping on the menu button on top left of the app and then tapping on the plus sign next to Text balance.

If you are trying to text or call internationally:

Texting and calling internaionally will use Credits (instead of Texts or Minutes!) You may not have sufficient Credits to complete the international call or text. In that case, you may want to get more Credits by going to Menu -> 'XX Credits left (Get More)'.
If your calls are not connecting:

1) Please make sure you have Internet connection as VOIP calls are routed through the Internet. Go to Safari browser and type "" for example to see if the page load and if you have Internet connection.

2) If the calls connect and then are dropped, it is possible that either your call is blocked by recipient, or they hanged up immediately. You may want to try again or get another premium number with a different caller ID.

3) If you are using a VPN service, it may interfere with calling. You might want to try turning off the VPN service and try again. If you see a VPN type of icon on the very top of your device bar, then your VPN may be on and it may interfere with calling. If so, turn your VPN off and see if it works.

4) You may not have sufficient credits or minutes in your balance.
If your calls ended:

1) It is possible that your number is being blocked by the other party which either results in a call ended straight away or going to voice mail.

2) That number was not reachable for whatever reason at that time due to the recipient carrier not accepting.

3) The recipient may not have their cell phone off or do not have cellular access.

4) The number you entered is not valid.

5) The number you are calling has been blocked by a carrier for what ever reason such as spam origination, block lists, etc.

Text messages in Phoner are sent through local carriers and have close to 100% delivery rate (any changes in delivery rates are solely based on your local carriers).

If your text messages are not sending:

1) You may have insufficient credits. If you are sending international text messages, please ensure that you have remaining Credits. Otherwise, if you are sending local domestic messages, please ensure that you have sufficient Texts.

Credits are used for international texting, and Texts are used for domestic local texting only.

2) If you see an error message with invalid number, please ensure that you have the correct country code in front of the number. Tap and hold on '0' key and a '+' plus sign should appear to add country code before your number.

3) The number you are using to text may have been blocked for what ever reason by spam origination, block lists, etc. In that case, you may want to get another number to bypass the block. To do this, go to Menu -> Get Premium Number to select a number of your choice.
If you login and you do not see your credits/texts/minutes or your previous text and call history information, it is very likely that you login with the wrong username or may have signed up for a new account. If that is the case, we suggest the following:

1) Delete the app
2) Reinstall it
3) In the starting screen, click on "Login as Existing user" You should see the button change from "Sign Up" to "Login"
4) Then make sure you enter the original user name and password for the account.

If you do not know your original username and password, please provide contact Appsverse support team at

Get started with your own Second Phone Number today

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Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App
Phoner Second Phone Number App
Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App Phoner Second Phone Number App