Need to call overseas to contact your business clients? Or do you need a number that can help you call your overseas relations?  Nowadays, many of us see the need to make online international calls. It's even better if we can make free online calls from the internet. This article will show you how, with the Phoner app, you can get a second phone number make online calls to mobile phone for free!

What is a second phone number and why use one?

A second phone number is, as the name suggests, literally an additional phone number in your cell phone. With the Phoner app, you do not need an extra SIM card or a whole other phone just to enjoy the benefits of having another phone number.

✔️ Running a business? A second phone number could act as your business line, helping you separate and manage your business connections from your personal ones.

✔️ A second phone number could come in handy for avid fans of social media. With an extra phone number, you could set up extra social media accounts for your passions, interests or even just for your close friends!

✔️ Need to make a call to an overseas contact? An extra phone number with an area code from their area could not only give your contacts a peace of mind when you are calling them, it could also help with lowered call costs by using a local number too!

✔️A second phone number can also come in handy for those who just want to have fun. From pranking a friend with a fake phone call or to keep your identity protected when you sign up for all the exciting online competitions and lucky draws, an extra phone number could be useful for almost anyone nowadays.

✔️When you want to make international calls online especially, a second phone number can come in handy. With Phoner, you can make free online calls from the internet to the mobile phone easily!

Let's see how you can make calls from the internet to mobile phone for FREE

Step 1: Download the Phoner App

Download the Phoner App to your mobile phone. If you are an Android user, you can download the Android version here.

Step 2: Set up your free account

All you have to do is input a username and password for the new account you want to set up. No additional personal information is needed, keeping you anonymous and secure!

This free account lets you manage your free online calls and texts easily. It lets you access your account from various devices too!

Step 3: Your Phoner number

To make free calls via the internet to a mobile phone, you now have a Phoner number that comes with the Free Phoner app.

This number is randomized, and only the person you are in contact with can see it. It will appear different for each of your contacts you have called or texted. They can receive online texts and calls to their mobile phones with this number, so make sure you are connected to the internet when you use this app! You can even access the Phoner web app to make a call or text via the internet!

Your Phoner number is the free number you can have access to make online calls and texts from the internet to mobile phones.

BONUS: Get a FIXED number to store and share with your contacts

You will notice that the Phoner number can only be used to send texts or make calls online from the internet to mobile phone for free. While this is a great feature for anonymity, it can be not as useful as a free phone number to receive texts and calls.

With Phoner, you can get a Premium number and you can even choose the locality of the number as you please. Phoner provides number from over 30 countries and 50 states! It couldn't get better than this!

For reduced costs with online international calling and texting, you can get the Premium number of  the city or country your business clients or overseas relatives are based at.

To get the Premium number for free, select your Premium number and simply select it under a "3-day Free Trial". You can immediately use it within the 3 days to call and send texts from internet to mobile phone for free.

Calling via the Internet to Mobile Phone for FREE

With Phoner, you can get started with your own virtual phone number for free.

If you seek a more permanent number that you can keep and share with your contacts to contact you at, get the Premium number on the app! You can select a number from almost anywhere in the world and enjoy it for free during your free trial!

Download Phoner free phone number app now to start calling and texting anyone for free! Get started with your own free phone number that uses the internet to call and text someone at their mobile phones.