With the proliferation of messaging apps out there, one is immensely spoilt for choice but must also be careful when he seeks to keep his texting activities secure and secret. This article will introduce Phoner as one of the most secure messaging app for iPhone (as well as Android) out there. We will show you why you are guaranteed of true secrecy and security with Phoner.

What is secret private messaging?

Private messaging has been all the buzz lately, following the many scandals surrounding data privacy breaches. People have grown to become more and more concerned about what they put out online and of course, what they communicate on messaging apps.

Apps like WhatsApp and Telegram are famed and rose to popularity precisely because of this reason: its ability to offer end-to-end encryption as a promise that only the sender and receiver can read the messages communicated. This means that hackers themselves who hack into the server cannot decipher the encrypted messages.

If you are concerned about your privacy, whether there are some sensitive images you don't want being discovered and leaked or whether you don't want your text messages exposed, you can access Phoner as your best secured private messaging option.

Why Phoner is the best secret messaging app for iPhone?

With Phoner, you are guaranteed one of the best secured private messaging features, either with the Phoner number or the Premium number.

✔️With a Phoner number, a random phone number will be generated for you. The recipient will only see this Phoner number and not your primary phone number. This helps mask your personal identity when communicating with unknown or unreliable parties.

✔️Get a second or multiple anonymous phone numbers for all your varying needs. Change your phone line as often as you'd like!

✔️At Appsverse, do not have any incentive in sharing your information. Unlike platforms like Facebook, who own WhatsApp, we do not have the access nor the incentive to read and record your messages to use them for an advantage. You can be guaranteed that your information is securely tucked away in our servers.

Note: At Appsverse, our sole focus is on privacy and security. We believe in the freedom of the individual to be entitled to communicating privately, so long as they do not break laws.

How to start secret messaging on iPhone?

Step 1: Download the Phoner App

Download the Phoner App to your iPhone. If you are an Android user, you can download the Android version here.

Step 2: Set up your free account

All you have to do is input a username and password for the new account you want to set up. No additional personal information is needed, keeping you anonymous and secure!

This free account lets you manage your texts from one account easily. It lets you access your account from various devices too.

Step 3: Your Phoner number

You now have a Phoner number which is an additional phone number that helps you secure private messaging.

This number is randomized, and only the person you are in contact with can see it. It will appear different for each of your contacts you have called or texted.

They can receive texts to their mobile phones with this number, so make sure you are connected to the internet when you use this app.

Your Phoner number is the free second phone number you can have access to for one of the best secured private messaging platforms out there right now!

BONUS TIP: Free texting is available between Phoner users, alongside cheaper calling rates. Get your friends to download Phoner too so that more of you can enjoy secured secret messaging.

You vs Secret Messaging

Many of us are growing towards the idea that privacy and anonymity have to be prioritised in the digital age we live in today. We should adopt such principles in our online communications too.

Apps like Phoner allow you to secure private messaging on your iPhone  not just with a second phone number, but also with the fact that its developers have no incentive to store and sell your information, giving us an edge over the other apps that promise secure messaging today.