Is a burner flip phone better than a burner smartphone?

When should you get a burner flip phone instead?

Truth is, burner phones come in all shapes and sizes.

And technically, any phone that’s cheap and disposable counts as a burner phone.

Not sure if you should get a burner flip phone or smartphone? Read on to find out.

There’s only one reason to get a burner flip phone

Back in the day, getting a physical burner phone was the only way to make anonymous calls and texts.

There's little reason to get a burner flip phone these days.

For the cash-strapped, a burner phone was also much more affordable than standard cell phones

With so many voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) providers like WhatsApp and Skype as well as burner phone apps, there’s little reason to get a “dumb” burner flip phone anymore.

In fact, the only time you’ll ever need a physical burner flip phone is when you’re engaging in activities that may damage your primary cell phone.

If what you want is a cheap and effective privacy solution, a burner phone app is all you need.

To use burner apps, you’ll need a burner smartphone

That brings us to why burner smartphones are better than burner flip phones.

Burner smartphones are so much more powerful, especially when used with burner apps

You might think that burner smartphones are better because they pack more punch.

But if you’re thinking of using social media, making online payments or surfing the web on your burner smartphone, you’re not using it right.

Burner smartphones are better because they work with burner phone apps.

With a burner phone app like Phoner on your burner smartphone, you’ll have much more powerful mobile privacy features than any burner flip phone can offer.

One exception: if you’re heading somewhere with poor internet connection, make sure to get a burner phone app that relies on traditional phone lines or a burner flip phone.

Or, all you really need is Phoner

Still, there’s really no reason to get a physical burner phone if all you want is an affordable and reliable privacy solution.

Most of the time, all you need is a temporary phone number for business, casual dating, or for meet-and-greets with people you’re unsure whether to trust yet.

For that, Phoner has you covered.

Need temporary phone numbers or burner numbers? Phoner has you covered.

With unlimited burner phone numbers from around the world you can immediately use without a new SIM, Phoner’s burner numbers let you stay anonymous and connected anytime, anywhere.

So, burner flip phone, smartphone, or just Phoner? That’s up to you to decide.

Try Phoner on iOS or Android today.