Find out which app turns your pictures into stunning black & white PDF scans.

Photographs are important to show chapters in a man's journey in life, that play a part in leading up to the very moment that we live in right now. To this day, families still bust out the trusty old photo album during gatherings to look back on the past. However, these photo albums are usually not easy to handle, less be passed around between family member to member to get everyone to look at the same picture. A mobile app that turns pictures into PDF might make this easier.

Printed pictures- purely a thing of the past?

We tend to think of printed photographs and pictures with as things of nostalgia and items from the past. In fact, people are so used to using smartphone cameras to the point that no one hardly print photographs anymore. Some reasons why people stopped printing photographs are the hassle of storing them, the costs of getting each photograph printed (each printed photograph costs between $1-$5 today), and just due to the sheer convenience of taking pictures directly with a phone and viewing them easily on a digital format. To do this we use an app that turns pictures into PDF.

How do I turn a picture into PDF?

On a recent day in the office, we decided to explore whether it is possible for people who take printed photographs and do the reverse- to get their photographs scanned into a digital format, and to start storing and viewing the pictures digitally instead of using traditional photo albums. Turns out, the process it so simple. You just need an app that turns pictures into PDF, and you can immediately create kick-ass photo scans under 3 minutes.

Here is what you need. You need a mobile app that turns pictures into PDF. A great one to use is PDF Scanner Pro, which is actually one of the most downloaded and top app that turns pictures into PDF on the App Store.

What types of pictures can I turn into PDF?

You could literally turn any picture into PDF with PDF Scanner Pro, or any other good app that turns pictures into PDF. Usually, for photographs of people and places, it would make more sense to convert into a more popular digital picture format such as .jpg or .png. However, there may be instances that you want to convert into PDF format instead, maybe to send it to someone. These types of pictures includes:

  • Family photos
  • Baby photos
  • Portrait photos
  • Photo of receipt
  • Photo of invoices
  • Photo of letter

As you can see, with an app that turns pictures into PDF, basically any type of photo works.

Download PDF Scanner Pro

PDF Scanner Pro is the highest rated app that turns pictures into PDF. How to scan with iPhone camera? Just use your phone's camera and capture your picture and it is ready to be saved and converted as a PDF file.

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