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Transform your phone into a document scanner

Scan documents and receipts or any paper using your phone.

Scan documents and receipts or any paper using your phone.

Why choose PDF Scanner?

PDF Scanner give you the power of scan on your phone.

Scan any document

Point your camera at your document to capture the image and convert into scan within seconds.

High-quality scanning

Create crystal clear, high quality scans suitable for the most demanding business requirements.

Edit, draw, annotate

Add lines, drawings, or overlay text to your scans with powerful built-in edting features.

Generate PDF

Generate PDF files from your scans. Turn receipts, documents, and any piece of paper into PDF documents.

Share and email

Sharing a scan via email is easy. Simply tap on 'Email Scan' to send it to someone or yourself via email.

Convert to text with OCR

Use advanced OCR (Optical Characer Recognition) feature to instantly convert your images into text.

Why you should use PDF Scanner

Learn why you should use PDF Scanner App for all your scanning needs.

Never reach for a scanner or copy machine again

Save yourself from going near to another scanner or copy machine again. Use a scanner app like PDF Scanner to produce scans of documents with results same or better than using an actual scanner.

Scan for free with the most downloaded scanner app

PDF Scanner is not only the most downloaded scanner app, most widely used scanner app in the iOS App Store, but also free to use.

Digitalize any paper to avoid the risk of losing it forever

Documents and paper will not last forever, but they do with PDF Scanner. Create scans of documents that will last as long as you want them to as digital copies after you scan them with PDF Scanner.

Transform your phone into a document scanner now

Scan receipts, documents, and any paper from your phone when you download PDF Scanner for iOS

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How can I use PDF Scanner?

See the ways you can use PDF Scanner App for personal or business.

Scan documents for business

Businesses still deal with a large amount of paper that requires filing, storage, binding, and other inconvenient work.

Avoid unpleasant and cumbersome paper management. Simply scan office documents using PDF Scanner to help you save time and effort.

Privacy Features

  • High resolution, high-quality scanning
  • Scan with phone camera
  • Convert to black and white documents
Scanner business privacy

Scan receipts and other personal items

Keep important receipts, invoices, and other personal documents by scanning in PDF Scanner and avoid storing losing paper copies that might fade over time.

Receipts and invoices become easy to store, record and organize once you scan them using PDF Scanner.


  • Scan anything from receipts to passports
  • Scan any piece of paper
  • Save or email to yourself
Scanner personal

Create digital copies of any paper document

Transform any piece of paper into a digital graphic assets that you can manipulate, edit, and store for as long as you want them to.

Help pieces of paper live forever and get enable editing after you scan them with PDF Scanner.

International Calling Features

  • Save as PDF, store forever
  • Convert to text with OCR
  • Edit, draw, annotate
Scanner digital document

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5 Stars
Great scanner. Works for color and black and white

The scanner works great. I used it to scan my drivers license in color and it came out great!


5 Stars
Incredible for scanning textbooks into PDF

I’m able to take pics from textbooks and print them instead writing down notes!

Cali Wayne

5 Stars
Touchdown! A scanner app that makes PDFs

First pdf app that took less than 15minutes to figure out. Also allowed me to export a pdf, surprisingly which is why I was using it.



1. How to scan document?

To scan a document, simply use PDF Scanner and hover your camera over any document, receipt or paper that you want to scan. PDF Scanner will automatically detect your document, crop it, and produce a high quality scan that you can share via email.

2. What can I scan?

PDF Scanner lets you scan just anything you can think of. Scan things like receipts, documents, contracts, agreements, licenses, newspaper, textsbooks. Anything you can think of, we can scan it.

3. Is image quality as good as an actual scanner or copy machine?

PDF Scanner quality is among the best in all scanning apps available. However, the actual scan will depend on the quality of picture that you take. For best results, we recommend that you place your document in a well lighted area on a flat surface. Hover your camera directly over the document and take a clear, well focused picture.

Scan documents and receipts with PDF Scanner

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