Ever wondered why you should use a fake number for WhatsApp verification?

According to WhatsApp, a phone number is needed for verification as it is how the app identifies users and “makes it easier for you to message friends and family quickly”. What this means is that:

(1)    WhatsApp makes it easier for you to use it by tapping on your contact list and letting you instantly connect with people already in your contact list.

(2)    Whatsapp wants to put a face with a number; since a phone number is unique to a SIM card, each phone number can be associated to a particular individual who owns that SIM.

WhatsApp requires all users to register for an account with a phone number, but while you can’t sign up without one, you can without exposing your true phone number.

But why should we use a fake number for WhatsApp verification?

Why everyone should use a fake number for WhatsApp verification

Reason 1: Using your real number may expose you to a lot more robocalls and spam calls  

Using a fake number for WhatsApp verification can save you from a flood of robocalls

Filled in an online form or entered a lucky draw with your true phone number? Called a number that collects other phone numbers with your actual phone number?  Your actual phone number may already be on the lists of many telemarketers and spam callers.

The same logic applies to why you should use a fake number for WhatsApp verification. WhatsApp isn’t the same standalone communication app we used to know, especially after it was bought over by its parent company Facebook.

Whether Facebook can see your messages or not is debatable, but anecdotes like this will certainly keep you on your toes.  

Anyhow, accidentally oversharing your number may result in a flood of unwanted spam and robocalls.

Reason 2: Using your real number may leave you vulnerable to phishing schemes

A fake phone number for WhatsApp verification can protect you from phishing attempts

To better understand why you should use a fake phone number for WhatsApp verification in this context, let’s go back to the online form example. Not all online forms are safe, and some might be a means of extracting highly confidential information from you without you knowing it.

Say someone gets hold of your actual phone number via an online form design to phish for personally sensitive information. If you had used that phone number on other social media sites, this person (or the social media company itself) can then visit them and scrape them for even more personal information. Your phone number may even be used in phone scams that place your finances and identity potentially at risk.

You can easily see where this might go with WhatsApp. Exposing your real phone number may allow hackers to bypass the authentication process and compromise your mobile privacy and security. In fact, not only will you be vulnerable to phishing schemes, it may also play into the hands of identity thieves,like this scum who fleeced millions of rupiah off unsuspecting folks in Indonesia.

If there’s one more thing to take away here, it’s the fact that using your real phone number for whatsapp verification may also place those around you at risk. To see how easy it is for people to steal cell phone numbers, check out this piece by TechCrunch.

Reason 3: Using your real number for a WhatsApp account meant for business may conflate personal and work matters.  

Having a separate number for business is key to maintaining work-life balance, especially if you're a business owner.

The science says that blurring the boundaries between personal and work life can lead to exhaustion, and it’s the same with phone numbers too.

When you use your personal phone number for business, you need to worry about:

1.       Whether you should openly share that number on the internet or at networking events

2.       Whether your employees can or should freely use your number to deal with customers

3.       Whether eroding your work-life balance because customers keep calling in all the time was worth not getting a separate phone number in the first place.

On a WhatsApp account for business enquiries, using your real number for WhatsApp verification could also mean customers calling in if messaging doesn’t solve their needs or concerns.

Reason 4: Using your real number for WhatsApp verification places unnecessary risk on you when dating online.

Date safely online when you use a fake number for WhatsApp verification

Say you’ve matched with someone on an online dating app like Tinder or Grindr, and want to move things offline. You arrange a date with the person you matched with; it goes well, and you want to exchange phone numbers.

But what if you still need more time to check another person out before committing? What if that person isn’t as safe as you thought? It’s a fact that nearly half of 21 000 online dating users surveyed by Kaspersky worldwide in 2017 experienced some form of harassment or threats.

Using your actual phone number with WhatsApp leaves you wide open to online dating risks that are easily preventable.  

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