Not using a burner number for Tinder? You might want to think twice.

Swiping left and right can be addictive, but things won’t be so fun when your personal privacy is at risk.

It's all fun and games on Tinder until your privacy gets exposed.

Tinder has had its fair share of privacy scandals. In an earlier article, we also showed how it’s possible (and super-easy) for anybody to find you on Tinder by simply using your actual phone number.

If you’re looking to date safely on Tinder, you absolutely need a burner number.

Here’s why you need a burner number for Tinder

Reason 1: Anybody can easily look you up using your phone number

With the right tools, anyone can look you up on Tinder using your phone number.

We’ve mentioned this before, and can’t help but stress it again.

Even though Tinder claims that you can only look someone up after you’ve matched with him or her, it’s still possible to search for anyone on Tinder by their phone number.

In fact, there are many methods for finding some on Tinder using just their phone number:

  • A reverse lookup using a free People Search Service
  • Using special Tinder Lookup searchbars
  • Using phone numbers to identify social media handles

Because Tinder has allowed users to sign in via their Facebook accounts since 2018 and share their Instagram photos below their bio, it’s even easier to connect a single phone number to a person’s entire online presence.

That means it’s way easier to track a person’s activity with just his or her phone number.

And using your actual phone number on Tinder? That’s one huge, unnecessary risk you’re taking.

Reason 2: Tinder shares your information with third parties

Do you actually know how much of your personal data Tinder shares other people?

In addition to the fact that Tinder is a literal Yellow Pages of casual daters, the company also makes it clear in its privacy policy that your information helps them to “serve you relevant offers and ads”.

Naturally, this means sharing your information with advertisers and other third parties you may have no interest in.

Some of these third parties have been known to share or sell cell phone numbers to telemarketers or even on public databases which are freely accessible, even to less scrupulous individuals.

If you’re a victim of increasingly frequent spam calls, your number might have been part of such a calling list.

Reason 3:  You can test the waters first safely before committing

Slip away from bad dates with a burner number handy.

But beyond Tinder’s shortfalls, the simplest reason why you should get a burner number for Tinder is really this: it’s an escape rope from dates gone wrong.

The dangers of online dating are very real. By using your real phone number on Tinder, you’re leaving yourself completely exposed to these dangers.

With a burner number, you can still take your relationship a step forward, without compromising your personal privacy – and safety.

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