Not sure whether to use Google Voice as a burner number or not?

As a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) provider, Google Voice offers free virtual phone numbers powered by a suite of impressive call features.

(image credit: Business Insider) Google Voice is a VoIP provider with powerful features.

But a Google Voice burner number? That’s not going to sit well with your privacy.

Besides, there are some things you should also know before getting a “burner number” from Google Voice.

Why a Google Voice burner number won’t work

Truth is, not only does a Google Voice burner number not work, it technically doesn’t exist either.

Besides the lack of true privacy protection, Google Voice also has some limitations you should be aware of too.

Reason 1: Google Voice requires an actual phone number

Let’s get straight to the biggest whoops first.

You can't use Google Voice without linking it to an actual phone number first.

To use Google Voice, all users are required to link an actual phone number first. The same phone number also cannot be used by different Google Voice accounts.

This also means that you can’t create a Google Voice account using a number you got from another VoIP provider, since virtual numbers aren’t actual phone numbers.

For a truly anonymous experience with Google Voice, you’ll need to link your account with a fake phone number.

But if that’s the case, you’re better off just using a burner phone app for reliable mobile privacy instead.

Reason 2: Google Voice only works with US phone numbers

(image credit: Digital Harpreet) Google Voice can only be used in the US, with a US phone number.

And not only does Google Voice require an actual phone number, it’ll only work with actual phone or landline numbers within the US.

Now, that wouldn’t be an issue if you’re planning to use it only within The States, but chances are you’ll want to stay connected when you’re on the move, anywhere in the world.

Reason 3: Google Voice cannot be used to make emergency calls

By default, you can't make emergency calls with a Google Voice number.

Unless you decide to port your Google Voice number (which comes with a $20 fee), you won’t be able to make emergency calls at all.

Having a burner number to rely on in emergencies can be a lifesaver, so what good Is it if you plan to get a number that can’t call 911?

Reason 4:  There’s no direct customer support with Google Voice

Google Voice does not provide direct customer support.

One of the biggest frustrations most users have with second phone number apps and services is that nobody’s there to help them when a problem arises.

There’s simply nothing worse than being left hanging by tech support while your casual date or business leads slips through your fingers

Unlike most burner phone apps, Google Voice doesn’t have a direct customer hotline.

If you encounter an issue, your only recourse is to visit their online help page, post on the community forum … and pray for a good response.

Reason 5:   Like all VoIPs, Google Voice needs an internet connection

Your Google Voice number can't do much without an internet connection

In addition to protecting your mobile privacy, a good burner number should also keep you connected anytime, anywhere you are.

When it comes down to this however, Google Voice doesn’t quite deliver.

Unlike burner phone apps like our own Phoner that rely on actual phone lines, VoIP providers like Google Voice won’t work without a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data.

Without internet access, your Google Voice number isn’t going to connect you to anyone.

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