Still looking for the best cheap burner phone out there?

Burner phones are a must-have for protecting your mobile privacy. But with so many VoIP and burner phone apps around, a physical burner phone doesn’t make much sense anymore.

In fact, the best burner phone of 2019 still wasn’t anywhere as good as a simply burner phone app.

Truth is, the best cheap burner phone you’ll find is not a phone, but an app.

Here’s what the best cheap burner phone can do

You’ll probably already know what to expect from a basic burner phone – private calls and texts, super cheap and easy to dispose of.

The best burner phones aren’t really that different.

They let you make private calls and texts. Some, like the Nokia 3310, acts just like a smartphone, with all the features we love about smartphones.

(image credit: Nokia) The Nokia 3310 is often recognised as one of the best burner phones

They’re also really affordable, at just $20 to $40 a piece.

And they’re also readily disposable.

Not very different after all.

And here’s why the best cheap burner phone really is an app

Unlike physical burner phones however, a burner phone number app packs a lot more features you’ll find really useful.

Reason 1: A burner phone app lets you use more numbers at the same time.

Unlike a physical burner phone, a burner phone app lets you use way more numbers at the same time 

Regardless of which burner phone you use, you’ll only be able to use one or two numbers at the same time.

And without a dual-SIM card capability, you’ll have to keep switching SIM cards every time you want to use a separate number.

With a burner phone app however, you can use multiple burner phone numbers simultaneously without switching SIM cards.

Reason 2: A burner phone app is almost always cheaper than a burner phone

You won't spend even close to $20 on your average burner phone app

With physical burner phones, you’ll be set back at least $20 to $40 even before you make a single call or text.

You’ll also need to spend extra on a SIM card(s), or a prepaid plan. Add all of that together, and you’ll have to make quite the investment.

With a burner phone app, there’s no need for a second phone. Most are free to download, and plans start a lot cheaper too.

With our own Phoner burner phone app for example, only pay when you need to make a private call or text.

Reason 3: A burner phone app is always better for your privacy

Skip the hassle and keep your privacy safer with a burner phone app instead.

The biggest issue with physical burner phones is that it’s far easier to lose your privacy protection if you buy or even use it the wrong way.

Getting a physical burner phone on a contract or via any payment method other than upfront cash leaves a trail that can be traced back to you.

With a burner phone app, you won’t have to worry about any of these. Simply tap download, and start making as many anonymous calls and texts as you want.

No cheap burner phone better than Phoner

So forget about looking for the best cheap burner phone on the market. For ultimate convenience and more bang for your buck, all you need is a burner phone app.

Not sure where to start? Give our Phoner burner number app a try.

Give yourself the best in mobile privacy protection with Phoner.

With Phoner, get access unlimited burner numbers around the world you can instantly use without a new SIM card.

And move aside fixed mobile plans and fast-expiry call credits – with Phoner, only pay when you want to.

The best cheap burner phone isn’t a phone. It’s Phoner. Give Phoner a try today.