Nothing screams hype like the Supreme Blu burner phone, but is its price actually worth it?

Maybe, just for the hype factor.

After all, we’re talking about a rare marriage between two great icons of popular culture.

Touting it as a classic prepaid burner phone though? That’s not going to fly.

If you’re all about the fashion statement, this read isn’t for you.

But if reliable privacy is your concern, you may want to read till the end instead.

Because for the price of a Supreme Blu burner phone, your privacy won’t really get much out of it.

The Supreme Blu Burner Phone: Price, Specs and more

(Image Credit: Carousell) The Supreme Blu Burner Phone is one hype beast of a phone

Released as part of Supreme’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the Supreme Blu burner phone comes in both red and black colour models.

At the time of writing, the phone is retailing between 81 to 315 US dollars.

That’s right – 315 dollars for this hype beast of a burner phone.

(image credit: YouTube) This isn't one burner phone to go easy on the wallet for. 

Touted as a classic prepaid burner phone, the Supreme Blu burner phone most closely resembles BLU’s Zoey 2.4 burner phone – except with an eye-catching Supreme logo slapped onto the back.

What also sets the Supreme Blu burner phone apart from its standard counterparts is that it comes with Bluetooth connectivity and an internet browser.

But here’s the catch.

Here’s why the Supreme Blu Burner Phone price isn’t worth it

The thing about burner phones is that they’re only private if they’re bought and used the right way.

It’s a fact that burner phone tracking is actually possible.

All it takes for your burner phone to be tracked is:

  • Buying it from a major retailer / mobile carrier
  • Using your burner phone for online activity
  • Even using your burner phone for a prolonged time period

And something many forget - burner phones are untraceable precisely because they’re meant to be disposed of after a few calls and texts.

You’re probably not going to ditch that hundred-dollar Supreme BLU burner phone after just one call, are you?

Put your privacy first with Phoner

Ultimately, all it takes to lose your privacy protection is to simply buy and use your burner phone wrongly.

With the Supreme BLU burner phone, you’re either all -in for the flex – or running far, far away for your privacy’s sake.

And if privacy is your biggest concern, Phoner is here for you.

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So, is the Supreme BLU burner phone price worth it? For an exclusive fashion statement it’s quite the steal – but privacy-wise? Try Phoner on Android or iOS instead.