If your 02 4G is slow, it can be a troubling sign – but did you know that some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) deliberately slow down your Internet speed?

Sometimes, you may also run into issues where O2 has no signal in places where O2 network coverage is advertised. This can be very frustrating and troublesome for O2 users.

This article will examine why ISPs such as O2 deliberately slow down your speeds. Did you also know that a VPN can help you bypass your ISP and gain access to higher speeds? VPN alternatives like VPN Vault by Appsverse help restore the eroded credibility of your ISP and can help O2 internet users to restore internet speeds.

Reasons Why O2 4G Can Be Slow

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Despite claims of high-speed Internet coming from ISPs, they can sometimes force O2 4G slow speeds on loyal subscribers. Here are some reasons why you may get O2 no signal issues.

Bandwidth cap is the ISP's talk for getting what you paid for, but it’s all a lie. Homes today run on the internet, which is quite the fight for capacity. But ISPs making that low-cost data plans are only good for emails and light streaming.

Perhaps you should check whether your bandwidth can cope with hardware and internet demands. Next, check your bandwidth to make sure you're getting everything as advertised. Sometimes the higher bandwidth is only meant for promotional material.

If that isn’t enough, better internet connectivity can be moved to richer zip codes with more valuable customer data. The rationale is given here; why offer fast internet for online shopping to people who are not going to buy anything, anyway?

Sometimes, O2 network coverage slaps customers with ISP throttling as the icing on the cake. You might wonder why do ISPs deliberately try to slow down your Internet connection? Let us explain why.

O2 4G Slow: Why ISPs throttle your Internet connection?

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Throttling happens when your ISPs intentionally reduces your internet speed. Usually, it is because of how you’re using your internet. Most of the time, streaming video triggers an ISP throttle, and the reason is as sinister as it can be.

The success of streaming services is pushing profit-hungry ISPs to invest in the industry. Since they already have the upper hand of spying on your online footprint, they know exactly what you'd pay to enjoy. So O2 4G slow is a result of enriching your ISPs biggest competitor, simple.

The only reason for ISP throttling is to make as much money as possible. Regardless of whatever motivations there are for ISP throttling, running O2 internet slow is plain wrong. The ISP is willingly and knowingly sacrificing the common good for all internet users.

O2 4G Slow: VPN Alternatives to Overcome Throttling Issues

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ISP throttling is not just bad, but it has no place in this world. Doing no harm to your customer's enjoyment of the internet should be as important as a company's bottom line. Here are VPN service providers with your privacy and fast connectivity embedded in their DNA.

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VPN Vault by Appsverse

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O2 4G Slow: Final words

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ISP throttling is the stain of the internet and one of the reasons why O2 4G is slow. Get VPN Vault by Appsverse to take back control of the way you browse the internet. Access the internet you love at the speed you like, anywhere.