Is your Vodafone internet slow? Despite the fact that Vodafone is a big telecom company, a lot of users are faced with Vodafone's internet speed problem.

There can be multiple reasons why the Vodafone broadband is slow; ISP throttling is one of the most prevailing ones. ISP throttling usually makes Vodafone 4G slow and thus, leads to slow internet speed.  This article talks about the possible reasons why Vodafone internet is slow sometimes and how can users overcome this obstacle to make sure their Vodafone broadband is never low.

What is Vodafone Broadband?

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Vodafone is a UK multinational telecom entity that operates across 26 countries in Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Europe. In terms of several mobile customers, it is ranked as the world's second-largest company, with over 516 million users recorded as of 2017. The company offers a huge range of services and has launched dozens of unique products, among which the most popular ones include a comprehensive line of cell phones and the Vodafone 4G broadband.

With millions of users across the world connecting with the Vodafone devices, using Vodafone 4G connection, privacy and speed have become the key concerns as an increasing number of users have reported Vodafone internet speed problem, stating that their Vodafone internet is slow.

Why Vodafone Internet can be slow?

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Though there can be multiple factors behind Vodafone's slow 4G connection, including exceeding the limit of data back or the user being roaming, increasing traffic load, or slow servers.

However, one of the most prominent reasons is ISP throttling. Users exceeding their data limits extensively are usually throttled by Vodafone. Moreover, during times of more traffic congestion, this throttling is often initiated.

Also, ISP throttling for Vodafone users is initiated by Vodafone when the users enter any suspicious or potentially infected websites or geo-blocked content.

Hence, to keep the users safe from Trojans and malware, Vodafone bandwidth throttle is done, which results in Vodafone internet slow speeds. Users having a strong mindset for privacy consider this a serious concern.

How to unblock Vodafone ISP throttling using VPN Vault

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Internet service providers (ISPs) like Vodafone throttle the bandwidth when users go beyond their allocated data limits, access or download the content that is geo-blocked or restricted. A VPN can help bypass bandwidth throttling in some situations.

To avoid ISP throttling, using VPN is the best solution. By installing and running a virtual private network on a Vodafone device, users can not get rid of Vodafone internet slow problem but also secure every bit of data that leaves the hardware, ensuring they always stay safe whenever they connect.

But wait a minute! Not all VPNs are as efficient and safe as you expect.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

Here we go with one of the best VPNs to speed up your Vodafone 4G internet i.e. the VPN Vault by Appsverse.

What is VPN Vault?

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault, one of the safest and best applications for blocking ISP throttling and torrenting, is developed by the renowned privacy company Appsverse. VPN Vault by Appsverse is an app that lets you browse the Internet anonymously by changing your IP address to a country of your choice and masking your actual location.

You will be able to access blocked content on websites and video streaming providers and keep your identity private to governments and corporations tracking and targeting you. Your ISP will not receive information about your browsing activities.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

Get secured access with no boundaries at the tip of your fingers through the VPN Vault mobile app for iOS and Android. With VPN Vault, all your data sent and received through an encrypted tunnel. It offers the very best encryption and privacy features so that no one can get their hands on your confidential information.

Key features that make it the best solution for Vodafone Internet Slow issue include:

  • Full traffic protection
  • Military-grade 256-bit AES data encryption
  • No IP logging
  • No history logging
  • Rotating IP

Powered by worldwide servers, enjoy a network of global VPN servers and experience a world without borders and ISP throttling. Try VPN Vault today.