Are you looking for a good burner phone for international travel?

Staying in touch overseas shouldn’t be expensive – or risky.

Voice-over-Internet-Protocol providers like Skype and WhatsApp don’t always work. In some places, they’re not very reliable either.

That’s where a cheap burner phones comes in.

But with so many burner phones out there, do you know which one to pick?

First, do you actually need a burner phone for international travel?

Heading overseas is always an adventure, but that doesn’t mean you need a burner phone on you all the time.

If you want to stay in touch with friends and family overseas for free, VoIP providers are all you need.

And if you’re somewhere with spotty Wi-Fi or mobile data, the good old text message from your regular cell phone should still come in handy.

Or, a reliable burner phone app is also a cheaper alternative to buying a burner phone for travel.

Yeah, you might want to get a burner phone if you're traveling for this sort of stuff.

The only reason you should seriously consider getting a burner phone for international travel is if you don’t want to risk losing or damaging your cell phone overseas.

So, if you planning to do some extreme sports or head to places with extreme temperatures or altitudes, a burner phone for international travel may be a better pick.

These are the best burner phones for international travel

We have covered these burner phones in an earlier piece and can’t recommend them enough: the Blu R1 HD and Blu Tank II are still our favourites.

(image credit: Youtube) The Blu R1 HD is a great burner phone for international travel

For a deeper look into phone specs, try the product pages for the Blu R1 HD and the Blu Tank II.

First off, cost. Regardless of which of the two you choose, both phones will set you back less than a $100.

Next, travel-friendly features. The Blu R1 HD packs two SIM card slots, allowing you to use both an overseas SIM and local SIM card at the same time.

Need something more traditional, the Blu Tank II is a better choice.

If you’re a traditionalist or getting a burner phone for someone unfamiliar with smartphones, the Blu Tank II feature phone would be a better choice.

On the other hand, picking the Blu R1 HD can give you more bang for your buck if you couple it together with a reliable burner app like Phoner. Together with Phoner, you can use unlimited burner numbers anytime, anywhere.

The best burner phone for international travel is already yours

At the end of the day, you should only get a burner phone for international travel if your phone’s safety is a big concern.

For simple, affordable and reliable phone privacy, all you need is Phoner.

With Phoner, transform your cell phone into a burner phone on the go.

Pick from unlimited burner numbers and stay connected anonymously, anywhere you are without a new burner phone or SIM card.

With Phoner, you’ll already have the best burner phone for international travel.

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