Are you looking for a burner app for iPhone?

Burner apps for iPhone are a dime a dozen these days. With so many iOS burner apps out there, it can be frustrating trying to figure out which one works best for you.

Phoner is just the iPhone burner app you need.

Our own Phoner is a burner phone app for iPhone. Is it the best burner app for iPhone? We think it is, but we’ll leave the verdict to you.

Why Phoner is the burner app for iPhone you’re looking for

From fancy features to complicated pricing, iOS burner apps come in all shapes and sizes. While it doesn’t have as many bells and whistles,  Phoner packs some features that set it apart from the rest.

Feature 1: Phoner has a collection of unlimited numbers from around the world

Phoner's burner numbers can be used anywhere you are, anytime you want

Not every burner app has an endless library of burner numbers you can use anywhere, anytime you want.

Some burner apps, like Hushed or Burner, place limits on how many numbers you can use simultaneously.

With Phoner however, feel free to use as many burner numbers as you want.

Every burner number on Phoner can also be used without a new SIM card. Simply buy as many credits as you need, and start calling or texting on any of Phoner’s many burner numbers

Feature 2: Phoner comes with highly customisable burner numbers

Need a localised number? Phoner's high customisability has you covered.

Most burner apps have burner numbers, but how many have numbers you can actually mix and match up yourself?

With Phoner, burner numbers can be customised according to state and area code. This is great if you’re looking for a local second number for casual dating or business.

With high customisability, Phoner’s burner numbers can also be used to skip expensive international calling fees. Stay in touch with friends and family overseas without worrying about your wallet.

Feature 3: Phoner’s customer service is always here for you.

Phoner will never leave your issues and problems in the lurch.

Thing is, one of the biggest frustrations people have with anything tech-related is that nobody’s there to fix any problems they might encounter.

The same goes for burner apps too. A common complaint many burner apps receive is that customer service couldn’t provide a fix in a timely manner.

Phoner’s dedicated customer service team makes sure that doesn’t happen. Our team oversees all customer queries and issues and makes sure that you’ll never be left hanging.

Phoner is your burner app for iPhone

With an unparalleled range of highly customisable numbers and a customer service team committed to addressing your every concern, Phoner promises to deliver nothing short of an excellent iPhone burner app experience.

Need a burner app for iPhone? Get quality mobile privacy protection on your iPhone with Phoner today.