Love Scamming in Ghana: We give you an inside look into how Internet love scams are conducted in Ghana by thousands of scammers everyday, breaking hearts and stealing billions of dollars globally.

“I love you so much, and I can’t wait to be with you soon”- replied Dwayne, a US marine in his early 40s, sent from a United States area code '601' number.

Nancy grasped her phone ever tightly in her hands, as she got nervous about the fact that she could really be meeting with Dwayne in as soon as three weeks.

Internet love scams in Ghana

Dwayne is handsome, charming, intelligent man- who has been with the Marine Corps for the last 20 years. He was originally from Port Gibson, Mississippi.

For the last 8 years, Dwayne has been placed on various overseas peacekeeping missions in locations ranging from Iraq to Nigeria. For as long as he has been overseas with the armed forces, Dwayne has been single without a girlfriend or partner and only recently took up online dating.

" I love you! Don’t you worry about me. Sending you love and kisses this morning. Thinking of you EVERY day and night." - Dwayne

"I have finally met someone that I could pour all my love into. I feel like I have known you for a lifetime. I love you." replied Nancy, a 65 year old lady who was recently widowed as her late husband had lost the battle to cancer 5 years ago.

They have been talking for close to 6 weeks now, and Nancy finds herself ever deeper in love. They first met over a BADOO popular US dating site and Nancy could not believe that Dwayne had clicked on “Yes” on her profile.

Trouble looms Internet love scams in Ghana

A week before they were supposed to meet, Dwayne got into some issues- he got into trouble with the South African authorities while on an undercover assignment, and needed money to get to safety- desperately.

Desperate and frantic, Nancy sends him a couple of texts to ask his safety and had no answer. All she had was the bank account number to send to. She took a breath in and wired $29,000 to the bank account in exchange for his safety.

Little did she know that Dwayne, is no military man- but a 25 year old scammer in Ghana, West Africa. He is nowhere physically in Iraq, but he is sitting from an Internet cafe sending the messages on his iPhone 6S.

As soon as he received bank confirmation of the incoming wire transfer, he immediately switches off his phone, and calls it a day. He picks up his backpack and heads home to rest before another day of scamming tomorrow.

Scammers and Internet love scams in Ghana

K Scar, a reserve Army staff sergeant, has found more than 120 fake Facebook profiles that combine his photographs with various false identities. He was originally holding a copy of military newspaper in this doctored image. Picture from and K Scar

Internet love scams in Ghana is the most terrible thing and this is a conclusion