Have you wondered, is a burner phone traceable?

Despite how they’re portrayed in popular culture, burner phones aren’t exactly the anonymous gadgets films and dramas make them out to be.

By themselves, burner phones are untraceable.

Temporary and easily disposable, they’re designed to maximise privacy.

But what matters is how you buy and use it.

Not sure why a burner phone might actually be traceable? Read on to find out.

Why burner phones are actually traceable

Burner phones are designed to be truly anonymous.

They also come with burner phone numbers, which can be virtual or even fake phone numbers that reliably receive both calls and texts.

And they also cannot be traced back to the person using them.

So why are burner phones actually traceable?

That’s because you bought them, or used them wrongly.

Case 1: You bought your burner phone from a major retailer / mobile carrier.

Burner phones come cheap, but that doesn’t mean every cheap cell phone is a burner phone.

Especially not the ones sold by big retailers like Walmart, or mobile carriers like T-Mobile.

(image credit: Forbes) Avoid burner phones sold by major mobile carriers like T-Mobile.

In the States, big retailers and mobile carriers require an identity registration when you make a purchase.

In some cases, retailers may also ask you to enter into a phone contract.

If you’ve to disclose personal information before even using your burner phone, then it’s not really anonymous anymore.

To make sure you’re buying a burner phone that’s truly untraceable, you should always only buy one with cash up front.

Case 2: You used your burner phone for online activity.

Always refrain from online activity on your burner phone.

Burner phones tend to be plain and simple.

But not all of them are analogue phones that only let you play snake on them.

Some are cheaper versions of smartphones. These pack more functionality and let you use internet-based apps and services.

But using your burner phone for online activity can make it traceable.

That’s because your internet service provider, or ISP, tracks all of your online activity on your burner phone.

Case 3: If you use your burner phone for too long.

Always refrain from online activity on your burner phone.

Some people buy burner phones because they need a temporary, disposable number.

Others buy one as a cheap method to get a permanent second number.

If you’re the latter, you should know that your burner phone doesn’t protect your privacy after prolonged use.

Just like regular cell phones, burner phones operate on cellular networks to send your calls and texts over to others.

By using a burner phone repeatedly, it becomes possible to pinpoint your location when it gets powered on.

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