Apple TV is the only online streaming device which can bring the whole iTunes video library including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, etc. to your HDTV. But what Apple TV cannot do is eliminate geo-restrictions on content. Nothing’s worse than looking forward to an all-night binge of your favorite show, only to realize that the content isn’t available in your location.

This is where VPNs like IPVanish comes into play; however there are also more credible alternatives in case IPVanish doesn't work or is too expensive for you.

What is IPVanish for Apple TV?

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To ensure complete VPN service for your Apple TV, use VPN for your Wi-Fi connection. With IPVanish, you can expect fast and sturdy connections. It allows five connections at the same time and uses military-grade encryption. The VPN service keeps zero logs of the user activity.

IPVanish VPN download is simple and it provides a detailed guide on setting up the VPN on the most popular routers. However, they also offer a selection of configured routers for avoiding the hassle of manual setup, and secure instant protection for all the devices. IPVanish iphone setup is very simple and any novice can set it up easily.

With IPVanish for Apple TV, you can easily unblock the streaming service that you want to watch on your Apple TV. It allows you to access the geo-restricted content on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. The top benefit of IPVanish is it is easy to set up.

Why are Certain Apps and Shows Blocked in Certain Areas?

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The reason countries block TV shows and ppps is due to censorship. Some content might not just be allowed to cross borders. Many countries across the globe maintain a strict restriction on the kind of content they let their people access. In certain cases the restrictions are limited, but in other cases, there is a complete virtual blackout on what you can stream. When you travel abroad, you might come across such restrictions.

However, the good thing is there is a way to watch blocked TV shows, and access the blocked apps, and that is through either IPVanish for Apple TV or other VPN services.

VPN Services You Can Use to Unlock Apple TV Other Than IPVanish

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Here are a few top-performing VPNs for video streaming that provide easy installation for Wi-Fi to unlock Apple TV.


ExpressVPN has secured many positive reviews in offering the fastest speed in the market. So, it is the ideal VPN service to use for your Apple TV. You don’t have to sacrifice the video quality or speed to enjoy top-notch security.

You can also get a router with ExpressVPN already setup. This saves you the hassle of setting up a VPN for the router.

Apart from IPVanish for Apple TV, another VPN service that will help in unlocking Apple TV is VPN Vault by Appsverse. With this, you can enjoy the ultimate geoblocking facility for your Wi-Fi. You will get secured access without any boundaries just at the tip of your finger.

VPN Vault offers military-grade VPN. It is powered by worldwide servers. So, you have the opportunity to choose from a network of global VPN servers across the world.

You can download VPN Vault on your Android and iOS mobile devices.


NordVPN is a worry-free choice for people who are looking for a VPN offering tough security measures. It can bypass even the strictest geo-blocks. The large network of servers by NordVPN will let you access all streaming services on your Apple TV. Also, NordVPN offers pre-configured routers for an immediate VPN setup.


IPVanish for Apple TV will let you take full advantage of the streaming services for Apple TV. If you are wondering how much is IPVanish, the plan starts at $9.99 per month. However, VPN Vault by Appsverse is another great option you have at hand as it offers military grade encryption and has servers located across the world.