To watch Made in America on Netflix Canada, you will need to employ the services of a VPN. A VPN is a tool that enables you to trick a service into believing that you are connecting from a different location. You are unable to find Made in America on Netflix Canada because the movie is exclusive to just two countries, Australia and New Zealand. You can however with the use of a VPN gain access to this movie and many other exclusive shows.

Made in America follows the lives of a woman and her daughter who was conceived via artificial insemination. Years later, they are united with the sperm donor who turns out to be a white man as opposed to the woman's request for a black donor. Made in America was released in 1993 and stars Will Smith.

How to Watch Made In America on Netflix Canada: Benefits of VPN for Netflix

Watch Exclusive Content From Anywhere in The World

There are several shows and movies on the Netflix platform that are exclusive to only certain regions. A VPN however helps you to cast off all the limitations of Netflix blocking. This Netflix unblocking can come in handy in various situations. One of them is travel. If you watch a show that is exclusive to the region you live in and then have to travel to a location where it is not available, you will have to wait to get back before you can continue watching it. If you however have a VPN, continuing your exclusive series can be done from anywhere in the world.

Evade Geofencing

Certain websites and services are blocked in some locations. A VPN app however passes your internet through a secure server which makes it impossible to filter your browsing and giving you unrestricted access to the internet and whatever service you want to use.

Enjoy Buffer-free Streaming

You have probably heard of the term ISP throttling. If you have not, this is when your internet service provider restricts the speed of your internet to certain services due to a variety of reasons. A VPN's secure browsing feature helps you skirt this issue since even your ISP has no idea what you are accessing on the internet. This helps you enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience as you can enjoy the full speed of your internet connection regardless of what service you use on the internet.

How to Watch Made In America on Netflix Canada: Top VPN Alternatives

VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault by Appsverse is probably the best VPN for Netflix unblocking. Fast upload and download speeds help you maintain a smooth streaming experience while its 256-bit military grade encryption gives you peace of mind that your data is secure. VPN Vault also offers one of the best free VPN apps which gives you up to 200 megabytes of daily bandwidth. The premium version gives you unlimited access, allowing you to watch as many movies as you want on the Netflix platform. VPN Vault has Android and iOS apps besides its PC offerings.


This nice VPN is great for Netflix unblocking. Just like VPN Vault, it offers you 256-bit encryption for added security. Along with easy to use mobile and PC apps, this VPN offers a great overall user experience only let down by its slightly higher price tag.


The last option on our list is ProtonVPN. This is another great VPN proxy tool that works with the Netflix service. The major letdown here is the limited number of servers available. This may make it so that you will not be able to unblock Netflix content from some specific regions.

How to Watch Made In America on Netflix Canada: Which VPN app do I choose?

Weighing all the pros and cons of tons of VPN apps, we have come to the conclusion that VPN Vault by Appsverse is the best choice to watch Made in America on Netflix Canada or from anywhere else in the world.