A temporary phone number generator can be extremely useful to almost anyone and everyone nowadays.  It can generate fake phone numbers that can act as second phone number to your real phone number. Claim the full benefits of having a second phone number with Phoner, the top-rated second phone number generator on the App Store.

Why would I need a temporary phone number?

A temporary phone number can be extremely useful to anyone from students all the way to working adults.

In today's world, where most governments and firms spy on the average citizen with extreme methods, a temporary phone number generated could help conceal your identity online and reduce the chances of your identity being jeopardised on the internet.

Here are some uses for a temporary phone number from Phoner's temporary phone number generator:

・ONE-TIME TRANSACTIONS: A temporary number instead of your real phone number can be used for any situation from those one-time verification code process on most apps today to signing up for exciting online competitions and lucky draws.

・PRANKING SOMEONE: Prank a friend from a fake phone number to make a fake phone call so that you can properly attack an unsuspecting victim. A temporary fake phone number could be useful for these fun situations.

・CALLING OVERSEAS: Need to make a call to an overseas contact? A temporary burner phone number generated with an area code from their area could not only give your contacts a peace of mind when you are calling them, it could also help with lowered call costs by using a local number too!

How to access a temporary phone number generator?

Download the Phoner app, which is also available on the Android. It is one of your best bet when it comes to an app for a temporary phone number generator.  

The best thing about Phoner? Once you have downloaded the app, a fake randomized phone number is automatically generated for you for FREE. You can immediately start calling or texting anonymously as you please!

With Phoner, you can start sending anonymous texts or make private calls with a temporary phone number without the need to pay and purchase numbers. Use the trial credits made available to you and send out a text or make a call from your temporary phone number generated right away!

Phoner: Temporary Phone Number Generator

With Phoner, you realise that you can automatically generate a temporary phone number.

However, if you are seeking a more permanent sort of solution, Phoner has that available too. You can generate a second phone number with the area codes of over 30 countries and 50 states!

With the Premium number, you can store and keep this number to share with your contacts and you do not have to be the first point of act.

You can get this temporary Premium second phone number in three easy steps.

Step 1: Download Phoner App

First, go to the App Store and download Phoner Second Phone Number app. Click here for the Android Version.

Step 2: Sign up for an account

Signing up a new account is easy. Make sure that you have 'Sign Up' selected on the main page, and input a username and choose a password. No additional personal details are necessary!

Creating an account lets you manage all your temporary phone numbers created from any device you'd like.

Step 3: Select your preferred fake phone number

The app offers you the option to create temporary phone numbers from a list of numbers in over 40+ countries and their unique area codes.

And there you have it! Use this Premium number to send out texts anonymously, or to relay texts and calls from an additional temporary phone number. You now have two phone numbers on one phone; how exciting!

Phoner: The Choice Temporary Phone Number Generator

Today, Phoner has become the choice app for almost anyone and everyone, from students seeking to prank their friends to  journalists seeking the next inside scoop. Not only do you get a temporary phone number with the temporary phone number generator in the app, it allows you to call and text privately and anonymously immediately with no purchases and personal details required. This ensures that your personal identity is protected with a temporary phone number. Remember to use Phoner for as many temporary phone numbers that you'd like!