Internet is the quickest method of connecting the world, but, sadly it is not the most secure one. Today the Internet is filled up with fraud and gambles, so there is a need to restore privacy to keep browsing safe and to remain secure online.

To restore privacy, a lot of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are used for this purpose. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows you to safely browse, mask your IP address, protect your privacy, secure your data from hackers and scammers, access restricted content, etc.

There are many VPNs that are used to protect your privacy or to Restore Privacy, but "VPN Vault by Appsverse" is one of the top recommended VPN to restore privacy. It has consistent performance. Some other VPNs have slow speed, leak data but "VPN Vault by Appsverse" always gives you reliability, the highest Internet security, and excellent speed.

Benefits to restore privacy on the Internet

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Nowadays, maintaining privacy or secure browsing is important on the internet, so that scammers and cybercriminals could not steal your personal information. There are many benefits that why you should maintain or protect your privacy on the internet.

Cybercriminals cannot steal your personal data

Now a day, cybercriminals violate consumer privacy and steal the personal data such as:

  • Personal phone numbers
  • Bank credentials
  • Credit card numbers and passwords
  • Emails

...and get profit from it by selling your personal data. If you maintain your privacy or restore privacy, your personal data will be safe and no one could be able to steal your data.

Protect your business information

If you own a business and deal online, then you have to worry about your data privacy. There are many third-party apps that steal your business information when you are online and could face the financial loss of business. That’s why maintaining privacy is more important to protect your business data.

Safe browsing and can access restricted content

Computer privacy is important for safe browsing. Using a good VPN or maintaining privacy on the internet will mask your IP address and will not let anyone to see what you are browsing. Maintaining privacy will not expose your browsing history and no one will be able to steal your personal data when you are online. Using a good VPN allows you to see the restricted content from the different websites.

Browsing the internet without a VPN

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What will happen when you browse websites without using a VPN? The answer is, if you browse different websites without a VPN, then your data security is at risk.

There are many risks when you are browsing the internet without a VPN. Some of the risks are mentioned below.

ISP (Internet Service Providers) keeps eye on you

When you browse different websites without using a VPN, then firstly your request goes to your Internet Service Provider, and then it is forwarded to the final destination. This whole process allows your Internet Service Providers to

  • Stockpiles your URLs
  • Collect your personal information such as IP address
  • Collect your personal contacts and bank credentials
  • See your browsing history

ISP expose your location and sites

When you are browsing the internet without a VPN, then your Internet Service Provider can expose your IP address, location, and the content which you are browsing on the internet, but using a good VPN will not allow your Internet Service Providers to expose your IP address and the sites you are accessing.

ISP put limits on you

You think that your ISP is not a bad guy and they protect your privacy, but ISP takes advantage of your positivity.

  • Blocks the websites: Your ISP can put a limit to access only certain websites. If you ISP block certain websites then you will not be able to access these websites.
  • Can slow the connection speed: if you are not using a good VPN then your ISP can slow down your connection speed.
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Following are the recommended VPNs to restore privacy:

VPN Vault

"VPN Vault by Appsverse" is one of the top recommended VPN to restore privacy. We value your privacy. We mask your IP address and do not expose your browsing history.

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ExpressVPN is also on the list of recommended VPNs to Restore Privacy. It consistently provides excellent speed and secure browsing. Many VPNs cheat by leaking data but ExpressVPN is highly secure and does not leak your data.


NordVPN is also used to restore privacy on the internet. It has the fastest speed and provides high security to your privacy. Along with excellent speed and it also secures your browsing history and does not let any to steal your data.

In conclusion, we recommend VPN Vault by Appsverse for your need to restore privacy on the Internet.