It seems like everything is designed to take away our personal privacy these days. Knowing how to prevent your phone from being tracked isn’t just good to know, but absolutely necessary. But how can we avoid being monitored by our phones without inconveniencing ourselves in other ways?

Staying invisible on your mobile phone is a challenging feat for most of us, but the bulk of it is really just simple steps everyone can easily take. We’re not talking superspy gadgetry or sophisticated hacks – just easy solutions for how to prevent your phone from being tracked.

Not sure how to prevent your phone from being tracked? Read on to find out.

How to prevent your phone from being tracked in 5 ways

Solution 1: Turn off your mobile phone’s GPS location feature

Stop your phone from being tracked by switching off any location features 

Many apps we use today often have geotracking features to help us make the most out of their services. Popular apps like Tinder and Uber, for example, use your phone’s in-built GPS functions to locate your next date and ride.

This GPS feature can be handy if you’re constantly on the lookout for personalised food delivery, banking, shopping and transport options. But this also means your phone is like a tracker beacon, and anyone who has access to your phone’s location can easily find out where you are.

One way to fix this is to switch off any app-based location services on your mobile device. If this affects the way certain apps work, you can set permissions to only switch on location feature when using the app. This is of course a limited solution since your phone can be tracked anytime you open any app with a location feature enabled.

To do so, simply head to your phone’s settings menu, scroll down to privacy and toggle location servces.

Obviously, this solution doesn’t work well with how intertwined our lives are with mobile devices and apps today. Whether you’re looking for food delivery, ride-sharing, or other location-specific services, you’ll need to keep your mobile phone’s GPS location feature enabled.

Solution 2: Limit Mobile Ad Tracking by adjusting settings

Search engines have chequered history with data privacy. It’s pretty common to see people freaked out over seeing an ad displaying an item or service they just arbitrarily looked up on the internet or talked about recently. That creepy personalisation is the result of stuff like mobile ad tracking.

To limit mobile ad tracking on Android devices, do the following:

1.       Go to Settings

2.      Look for “Google”

3.       Search for Ads

4.      Select “Opt out of Ads Personalisation”

For Apple users, follow these steps:

1.       Go to Settings

2.       Look for “Privacy”

3.      Select Location Services

4.       Scroll down for “System Services”

5.       Select “Disable location-based Ads”

How useful is this solution? Technically it should help, but then again it was revealed in 2018 that search engines like Google still continued to store location data even when told not to by users.

Solution 3: Get rid of all stored past activity on your mobile device  

By past activity, we aren’t just talking about clearing your browser history or emptying out your data cache. Stored historical activity on your phone also involves any location tracking records.  Google is known to store a discomforting amount of location data -  if you want to look back at nearly every location you’ve visited, now is the time to.

To do this, follow these steps:

1.       Sign in to Google

2.       Select “Account” in the top right hand corner

3.      Look for “Manage your Data and Personalisation”

4.       “Location History” should be listed in the second row. Uncheck to pause it.

5.      Google your send you a confirmation prompt. Select “Pause”.

At this point however, your past location data hasn’t been removed yet.

6.      Head back to “Data and Personalisation”

7.      Select “Timeline”. You should then see “DELETE LOCATION HISTORY” in red font. Click on it to remove your past location data.

Solution 4: Keep your Bluetooth off

Bluetooth is known to pose many security and privacy risks.

The convenience of Bluetooth technology is only rivalled by the number of privacy and security concerns that it comes entangled with. Leaving your Bluetooth on can leave your device highly vulnerable to many security concerns – so vulnerable in fact, that some public events make it mandatory to switch off Bluetooth before entering.

When you keep your Bluetooth on, data that gets transmitted can be intercepted by hackers. A hacker can also exploit a Bluetooth connection to eavesdrop on, manipulate or steal any information that is transmitted by Bluetooth communication. Even scarier, hackers can even use a Bluetooth connection to launch a ear-splitting sonic cyberattack.

Moral of the story? Always keep your Bluetooth off. With so many file sharing services and faster modes of communication and connection, there’s really little reason to use it anymore.

Solution 5: Use a second phone number  

Knowing how to prevent your phone from being tracked doesn’t have to be so inconvenient. In fact, one simple solution is to get yourself a second phone number. When you use a fake phone number, you conceal your actual phone number and keep yourself safe from being tracked. It works just like a burner phone, except without the accompanying problems and lot more convenience.

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