With the coronavirus crisis showing no signs of abating anytime soon and more companies transitioning to remote work , employees around the world are increasingly asking: how to be more productive when working from home?

Maintaining productivity working from home is a key concern for both employers and employees. With more people working from home, remote work tips are becoming increasingly popular. Working remote jobs from home and need some tips on working remotely? Read on to find out.

How to be more productive when working from home in 5 ways

Tip #1: Pick a suitable environment and organize it for work

Staying productive when working remotely starts with a conducive environment

Everyone’s definition of a great workplace is different, but a conducive environment for remote work productivity starts with comfortable amounts of natural lighting – too much of it can cause monitor glare, too little can strain the eyes (and you won’t get the many health benefits natural lighting has).

Consider also when you’re most productive, and change the environment accordingly. Maybe you’re more productive in the morning – working somewhere with a proper desk might be ideal.  

Tip #2: Make sure to keep your butt and back comfortable

Remote work can be equally stressful for your body - keep in shape with comfy furniture

Most of us don’t have the luxury of picking furniture back in office. When working remote jobs from home, it is highly recommended that your setup is ideal for prolonged periods of seating. Get yourself a comfy chair, an ergonomic backrest or anything that helps alleviate the strain placed on your back and buttocks.

Not only is this a solution for how to be more productive when working from home, you also keep your body in good shape.

Tip #3: Schedule your day like you would back in the office.

Always keep a schedule, even when you're working a remote job from home.

For anyone asking how to be more productive when working from home,  this is the number one tip you should take note of.

A dedicated work environment keeps remote workers more focused than their office counterparts, but more importantly is maintaining a schedule. Remote workers tend to report less idle time than those working in offices, but a significant portion of them have issues balancing work and personal life.

Keeping a schedule similar to how you would do things back in office is important not only to keep your focus up and maintain remote work productivity, but also helps chunk out certain periods of time you can take for personal matters and breaks.

Tip #4: Remove ALL distractions

In the list of tips for how to be more productive when working from home, this one is a given. It takes the average human brain nearly 25 minutes to regain focus, and distractions can easily cost 2.5 hours of work productivity daily. To ensure high productivity working from home, always get rid of anything that distracts you first.

Depending on how disciplined you are as a person, this might mean reconfiguring the furniture in your workplace. If moving your bed away from your home office setup is too much of a hassle, try concealing it with makeshift curtains.  

Other common distractions include food, noise and social media. Social media use is not only distracting, but also affects emotional-cognitive processes in ways less subtle than you’d suspect. Log out of all social media accounts before you start working for the day, and if you find yourself constantly falling to temptation consider banning these sites altogether.

Work-life balance is a difficult struggle for many remote workers. If you want to know how to be more productive when working from home, this is the biggest problem you’ll need to confront. Keeping a schedule is a great way to do so, and so is keeping all work matters separate on a second phone number.

This is particularly important if you’re a freelancer. With a second phone number that doubles as your professional work phone number, you can provide clients with a dedicated hotline they can use to reach you for business enquiries. Not only does this feel more professional to your clients, it helps you to be better prepared when you do receive calls from clients since you already know any call coming in on your business phone number is definitely work-related.

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