Before you tweet, you should know how to get a Twitter verification code without your phone number.

That’s because Twitter is full of trendsetters …. and many more scammers, privacy hackers and identity thieves.

Even with privacy and security measures in place, Twitter users still had their personal information manipulated by unethical advertisers in 2019.

Twitter has had its fair share of privacy controversies.

Worse, it was revealed that some Twitter employees even accessed user data on behalf of autocratic governments as recently as November last year. And don’t forget, Twitter even sold user data access to the infamous Cambridge Analytica back in 2018.

You absolutely need to protect your privacy on Twitter. Knowing how to get a Twitter verification code without your phone number can be a great first step.

This guide will look at Twitter’s log-in process, and how to verify your Twitter account without having to share your phone number at all.

What is Twitter’s Login Verification feature?

Since 2013, Twitter has included a log-in verification feature that offers another layer of privacy protection for all users.

The Twitter Verification code serves as a simple two-factor authentication (2FA), and users will need both a verification code and phone number to log into Twitter in future if activated.

To activate Twitter login verification:

  1. Tap on your profile icon on the top left.
  2. Select “Settings and privacy”
  3. Select “Security”
  4. Choose “Two – Factor Authentication”
  5. You’ll have 3 options to choose from. For the quickest way, check the box for “text message”.
  6. You will then see this screen. Note the instructions and tap “Get Started”.
  7. Key in your password.
  8. Select “send code”
  9. Enter the confirmation code you received via SMS.
At the end of the proces, you'll be shown a single-use backup code.

You’ll then be shown your single-use backup code. Note this down and save it in a safe place. This backup code can be used to log back in to your Twitter account if you have lost or switched your phone number.

In future, you’ll need to enter your account details, as well as a verification code sent to you via SMS in order to log in.

Take note that your Twitter account must first be linked to an email address before 2FA can be set up for any of the 3 options.

Why does Twitter ask for my phone number?

When you first sign up for a Twitter account, the app will prompt you for a username and a phone number. After you provide both details, the app then sends you a one-time verification code to the number you provided.

Twitter doesn't explain why they need your phone number, or why you need a verification code.

Twitter doesn’t really tell you why they need to send you a one-time verification code, nor do they explain why they need your phone number in the first place.

Anyhow, you can’t proceed if you don’t provide a working phone number.

This wouldn’t sound surprising. Lots of apps you use today ask you for the exact same details or even more. Snapchat, for example, even asks for your birthdate and name.

But have you ever wondered, is there more to it than simply getting twitter verification code texts?

Twitter needs your phone number to verify you as an actual user

First and foremost, getting your phone number is to simply verify your identity and make sure you’re an actual user and not a fake bot. No app wants to be flooded with fake users, and fake users pose dangers that go beyond ruining everyone’s social media experience.

On the flipside, everyone’s also aware of how social media can’t seem to stay away from data controversy. By collecting personal data from a large user community, apps like Twitter can make money by selling data to companies who have an interest in selling to a particular demographic.

This practice is so commonplace that in a New York Times report back in 2018, 20 widely used apps in the US provided uncomfortably revealing user data to almost 75 companies nationwide. All of these apps had provided privacy disclaimers.

Why are verification codes important?

That’s the case for why Twitter asks for your phone number, but what about Twitter verification codes? Why is login verification on Twitter important, and why is it even needed in the first place?

Verification codes are important because anyone can try to create an account on social media using your personal details. They won’t be successful however, because verification codes to complete the sign-up process are only sent to the phone number registered to an account.

Because of this, verification codes also deter fake accounts by acting as another measure of user validation. Verification codes stop fake accounts, and protect existing users from identity theft.

That leaves just one problem though. If you lose your phone number or switch to a different one, you won’t be able to receive your Twitter verification code.

If you can’t receive your Twitter Verification, you’ll need to use your single-use Twitter backup code you generated from activating 2FA. Simply follow the steps mentioned above.

How to get Twitter verification code without your phone number

Twitter verification codes can go a long way in keeping your account safe, but leaves you at risk of data breaches. To get a Twitter verification code without your pone number, you’ll need a number that:

  • Isn’t yours
  • But still allows you to receive Twitter verification code.

Should I use a Twitter verification code generator?

The only Twitter verification code generator you should use is the one that’s built into the app itself.

Some Twitter users may have mentioned a Twitter verification code generator. Do not trust these claims, and do not use verification code generators that are unverified by Twitter.

Get Twitter verification code with a second phone number

One solution for how to get a Twitter verification code without your phone number is to simply use a second phone number.

This second phone number should reliably send and receive calls and texts, and you’d want to be able to use your second phone number permanently too, since that’s the number that Twitter will send verification codes to in future.

Get Twitter verification code with Phoner’s second phone numbers

If you’re looking for a second phone number app that provides reliable numbers you can use anywhere, Phoner is just the app for you.

Phoner's second phone numbers can protect your phone number privacy on Twitter

With Phoner, you’ll be able to receive your Twitter verification code via text message wherever you are.

Phoner’s second phone numbers do not require a new SIM card to be used. Simply download the app, get credits and you’re good to go.

With a second phone number from Phoner, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting your phone number off Twitter again. Use Twitter anywhere you go and protect your phone number privacy while you’re tweeting with Phoner.

I already have an account. Can I log in without a Twitter verification code.

If you’re already tweeting, chances are you may be curious to find out how to get into Twitter without a verification code.

If you haven’t enabled Twitter’s 2FA yet, this won’t concern you. Simply enter your account details and log in as usual.

If you have enabled 2FA, you won’t be able to log in without your Twitter verification code. In this case, you’ll have to try your Twitter one-time backup code instead.

Protect your phone number privacy on Twitter

You won’t want to miss out on the latest happenings around the world on Twitter, but you should also be cautious and handle your phone number privacy with care.

Keep up with the latest trends while protecting your phone number privacy on Twitter

Twitter says it has taken steps to better protect its users. But remember, the only person that can actually take care of your personal data is yourself. And you can start with a second phone number.

So that’s how to get a Twitter verification code without your phone number.  Want to find out more about how Twitter handles your personal data? Check out their privacy policy. Tweet with a peace of mind today!