If you want to learn how to change Netflix region without using a VPN, let us explain how you can do so and why you may still need a VPN to access your favourite shows that are geo-blocked on certain countries.

How To Change Netflix Region Without A VPN: What is Netflix?

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Netflix is a video streaming service that makes award-winning TV series, movies, animation, documentaries, and other content available on thousands of internet-connected devices.

For one cheap monthly fee, you can watch as much as you want, whenever you want, without ever seeing a commercial. Every week, new TV episodes and movies are introduced, so there's always something new to explore!

VPN can have many advantages such it increases the connection speed, unblock the restricted content on Netflix, secure your online activities, hide your IP address but in the case of Netflix, it is detected by Netflix, therefore there is a need to change the Netflix region without VPN.

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How to Change Netflix Region Without VPN?

If you want to change the Netflix region without a VPN and watch to see the Netflix content that is not available in your country, you can use a proxy service.

You can also use a DNS proxy to change your Netflix region without a VPN. However, when compared to a premium VPN, this strategy is ineffective because Netflix can quickly block a DNS proxy. To use a DNS proxy to change your Netflix region, follow the steps which are given as

  • Get a functional DNS server address.
  • On your device, go to the network setting.
  • Click on “Custom and Manual” and put your addresses on the DNS server.
  • Restart your network connection to activate the DNS settings.
  • Open Netflix and go to your chosen region's Netflix library.

How To Change Netflix Region Without A VPN: Why you may still need a VPN

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Change Netflix region without VPN because Netflix can detect the IP address which is masked with the help of VPN but still VPN has many advantages.

Avoid Bandwidth Throttling

Some ISPs restrict users' access to the internet at certain times or when they engage in data-intensive activities such as online gaming. Using the best free VPN app such as VPN Vault will help you to prevent this. It encrypts your connection, making it impossible for anyone to see what you're doing and secure your online activities from hackers, etc.

Enjoy blazing speed

VPN Vault is the best VPN for Netflix on the market, with lightning-fast speeds that never stutter your Netflix activities. You will be able to enjoy Netflix without experiencing any pings or lags.

How To Change Netflix Region Without A VPN: VPN Suggestions

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VPN Vault by Appsverse

VPN Vault

VPN Vault is one of the best VPN for unblocking Netflix, having a simple setup, and is very easy to use. It also provides the restricted content, unblocks access to games, hides your IP address (but Netflix detects it), and secures your online activities from hackers.

VPN Vault by Appsverse

You shouldn't have any latency or lag when you are roaming on the internet because of the lightning-fast speed of the VPN Vault. VPN Vault is so quick that it can also help you to reduce ping by connecting you to a server that is closer to you than your current position.

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VPN Vault by Appsverse

Features of VPN Vault:

There are many other VPNs but VPN Vault is the best VPN for Steam. It is the best VPN proxy tool that is also used for Netflix unblocking. The following features of VPN Vault make it unique from any other VPN.

  • It has AES-256 military-grade encryption.
  • Access to more than 75 countries (beating the likes of Surfshark and NordVPN)
  • It has high upload and download speeds beating popular VPN Cyberghost.


We know that to change Netflix region without VPN is possible but VPN has the fastest speeds, make your internet connection safe and secure, but there's a catch: its premium service is a little costly but still affordable. However, if you're ready to pay for what you get, you'll be able to get many premium features of ExpressVPN.

How To Change Netflix Region Without A VPN: Which app do I choose?

Netflix is one of the best video streaming platforms where you can watch movies, TV series, animations, etc. But it is not available in all countries. Some content is blocked in some countries so people of that counties are unable to watch the content. That is why VPN such as VPN Vault is used to watch the restricted content of Netflix but you can also change the Netflix region without VPN by using DNS proxy. But is a weak method as compared to VPN. The best VPN for unblocking Netflix is VPN Vault. It is available for both Android and iOS.