How can I record a conversation on my phone?

Recording phone calls in the past required external devices, such as a digital recorders that were hooked up to a landline or the handset of a corded phone. This may be a great way to record reliably, but it is also glaringly troublesome and expensive to set up. Today, the call recording landscape has evolved into something completely different, with smartphone apps and cloud services performing the same task to a great level of performance and reliability. You could easily save that recording with mom, or that call with a nasty client, directly on your iPhone within seconds.

What are some reasons for recording conversations on your phone?

If you are thinking of recording a call, you are surely not alone. There may be millions of people looking to record calls daily for a variety of different reasons. From what we gathered here at the Re-Call Recorder team, here are some top reasons why people record phone conversations on their phone:

  • Capture special moments with family and loved ones
  • Record work and business conversations, especially where there are business disagreements
  • Create audio recordings as legal evidence to use in court and in legal disputes

If your reasons for wanting to record calls may fall into one of the above groups, that's great news and may help to offer some assurance if you are still on the fence as to whether or not to create a call recording. However, if you are at a dilemma, here is our advice: You can never anticipate what will be said on the call. At the point where you realize you should have turned recording on, it may well be too late. It is better to have an extra recording made than to be filled with regret.

Use an app like Re-Call Recorder

Till date, Apple has not launched a built-in call recorder. Thankfully, we have various call recorder apps available on the app store where you can record telephone calls directly on your iPhone.

Re-Call Recorder by Appsverse has been long the biggest favorite amongst tech consumers and journalists and it is currently the top rated and most download in the App Store. Why? It Re-Call Recorder makes recording so easy to record calls by simply setting up a three-way call. To record a call in Re-Call Recorder, simply open the Re-Call app, dial the recording line, and then the person you want to record, and merge the calls into a three-way conference. After the call, the recording just magically appears in your inbox. You can choose to email it to yourself or someone you know, and even download it in a convenient .mp3 format. With an unlimited subscription plan available, you could be recording each call for less than 10 cents each time.

Does Re-Call work to record both incoming and incoming calls?

Yes, Re-Call works to record both incoming and outgoing calls. In both cases, you will just need to merge the recording line into any call that you want to record.

Steps for recording outgoing calls:

T record a particular outgoing conversation, tap on 'Record' in Re-Call Telephone Conversation Recorder and a call to our recording line will be initiated.

Once the recording line has connected, Re-Call will automatically show you a prompt which have your contact's number filled, just tap on call to connect the calls.

The last step is to merge the two calls into a 3-way conference call, and the telephone conversation recorder would be active and start recording in the background making a sound or interfering with the actual call.

Steps for recording incoming calls:

For incoming calls- When you receive a phone call, you can go into Re-Call and tap on the 'Record' button to initiate a call again to the recording line. While your caller is placed on hold, you can quickly merge the two calls again to form a 3-way conference call just like with outgoing calls. Your telephone conversation will be recorded in high quality and clear audio.

Just merge any call you want to record with Re-Call Recorder

What about free options for recording conversations?

If you need a free option (we are not judging), there are a few things you could try out such as Google Voice which also offers free recording. However, the our experience with using Google Voice to record was not straight forward and easy as using a call recording app. You will need to first enable call recording within your Google Voice account, and recordings are only limited to incoming calls. For outgoing calls, this is seems to be unsupported by Google at this present moment. After recording the incoming call to your Google Voice number, the recording appears in your account for future access and download.

Can I record a conversation without the other person knowing?

Before you begin to record any call, you should first be informed of something known as call recording laws. There are state laws that govern whether or not you can record a call without the other parties' prior knowledge and consent. A good way to find out very clearly if you explicit permission from the other party, is to refer to a this document complied by a law agency with recording consent laws that is organized by state. But once you have figured out consent requirements, you can perform the recording in full confidence that you are not breaking the law.

How to get Re-Call on your iPhone

Download Re-Call Conversation Recorder by Appsverse from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Here are the full Re-Call Recorder list of features:

  • Record calls on your smartphone with clarity
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • No time limit on recordings
  • Make as many recordings as you want
  • Make recordings from any country code
  • Download and save recordings as .mp3 files and share via email