Wondering how you can get virtual number for WhatsApp? You're surely at the right place. Phoner is a virtual phone number app that lets you get virtual numbers for WhatsApp.

This app gives you virtual numbers for WhatsApp

Phoner app is a virtual phone number app that offers virtual numbers for WhatsApp.

Getting a virtual number for WhatsApp in Phoner is simple. Phoner offers virtual numbers for WhatsApp in over 30 different countries.

You could get a free virtual number for purposes like WhatsApp verification, Facebook verification, or any regular SMS verification.

How to get a virtual number for WhatsApp in Phoner

To get a virtual number for WhatsApp in Phoner, you simply select a country, followed by the area code you want, and then pick an available virtual number from our list of numbers.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to do this:

Step 1: Download Phoner App

First, go to the App Store and download Phoner - Virtual Phone Number app. See here for the Android Version.

Step 2: Sign up for an account (optional)

Signing up a new account is easy but optional. Signing up helps you to access the virtual number from another device or to make sure you can retrieve the same number in the future.

To sign up, tap on Menu -> Account -> Set Up Account, and input a username and choose a password. No additional personal details are necessary!

Creating an account lets you manage all your virtual phone numbers created from other devices if you like.

Step 3: Select your local virtual phone number for WhatsApp

Phoner offers local virtual phone numbers from a list of numbers in over 30+ countries in different unique area codes.

To pick a virtual number for WhatsApp, tap on Menu -> Get Premium Number -> Select country -> Select local area code -> Select virtual number

Simply select a country and area code, followed by the number you want

How do virtual numbers work in Phoner?

Virtual numbers in Phoner work as regular phone numbers. We actually purchase numbers from your local telcos or carriers on your behalf whenever you pick a number!

These numbers are real phone numbers are virtual in the sense that you can easily manage and call and text from multiple numbers from a single app. Using Phoner, you do not even need a second device or another SIM card to have another phone number.

BONUS TIP: How to get a free virtual number for WhatsApp without paying?

When you pick a virtual number (also called Premium numbers) in Phoner, you will be asked to start a subscription.

As we mentioned earlier, this is because we actually buy real numbers for our users.

However, if you want to use the virtual number for FREE, this is possible if you need it for just a short period of time. To do this, select a free trial instead of starting an actual subscription.

*NOTE: Apple purchases and subscriptions require that you cancel the free trial before it ends to avoid being charged from automatic renewal.

Register or Activate WhatsApp with your virtual number

To register WhatsApp with your virtual number, the process is the same with any other phone number you use. On the starting screen, just enter the virtual number you have selected in Phoner app, and then go through the verification process to get the number verified.

Disclaimer: Virtual Numbers are NOT guaranteed to work with WhatsApp

Before you go, we have to make clear a big disclaimer here: Our phone numbers are not guaranteed to work with these services such as for WhatsApp verification, Facebook verification and SMS verification, and here is why:

Many major services, e.g Social Media, Texting, Banking, Apps etc sometimes verify the phone number against larger mobile carriers and if the number does not belong to them, they may reject it.

This does not happen only to our app. Pretty much all other phone number apps out there including ours have numbers that are rejected. The only safe bet is if it comes from the major mobile carrier in the country.

If you are having trouble receiving verification codes, you will need to contact the service you are trying to verify with, to whitelist your number in order to receive the verification code.

Other stuff you can do with Phoner

You could use Phoner for many other things besides getting a virtual number for WhatsApp. Since this is a phone number that supports actual calling and texting, you could use it as your own phone number or even a private phone number for these purposes:

Anonymous texting

With the ability to pick any virtual number to text from, you could basically text anonymously and hide your real identity. While this allows you to make perform pranks, impersonate others, we do not really recommend this as it may be illegal where you are.

There are real use cases where you may need to give an anonymous tip-off or to warn someone of something without wanting to reveal your real identity.

Bypass blocked numbers

You may be blocked by a person you know due to a quarrel or dispute. In these situations where your real number is blocked, you can always pick another virtual number to bypass or work around the block.

Business or work phone

Phoner virtual numbers also make great business or work phone numbers. You can give out or use the virtual number as your work number and give it out to customers or clients while avoiding using your real phone number.

That way, you can help to separate work and business from life which some people may like.

Conclusion: Phoner offers virtual number for WhatsApp and more

If you need virtual numbers to the App Store and download Phoner - Virtual Phone Number app, and here for the Android Version.

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