We know how extra money is hard to come by when you're in college. Even the monthly pocket allowance from Mum and Dad can barely afford you some pampering in times of stress.

Ever thought about finding freelance writing jobs for college students?

Be it in writing, video editing, or web design, you can easily find online jobs for college students with no experience. It is also a great way to earn decent ka-ching while literally cashing in the wealth of information you gain during the semesters. Most importantly, you call the shots to your working hours, so long as you are prompt in turning in the assignments!

Okay, where can I find freelance writing jobs for college students?

Thanks to the digital age, freelance jobs for undergraduates come a dime a dozen so long as you know where to look. Here are some avenues:

1.      Writing for school newsletters

College newsletters or literary clubs are more than happy to take on budding writers, and here you have tons of topics and writing styles to try out. From interviews to opinion articles, take on a range of assignments to find your voice and passion. It is one of the best freelance writing jobs for college students as you can still be involved in school curricular activities, yet spend the same time honing your writing skills for a potential career.

2. Writing for online or print publications

While it may be tempting to participate in writing contests or work for publications that promise ‘exposure’, these two approaches often end up nowhere and with you holding the short end of the stick.

Instead, there are tons of paid freelance writing jobs online that you can apply for, and you can be more flexible with your rates in order to jump start your freelance career. Do remember to ask about the company's rates before agreeing to write full articles, and to check how long it takes for you to get paid.

Eventually, you will gain the experience and reputation you need to snag high profile gigs that pay better.

3.      Online writing groups (also great for networking!)

By now, you probably have a decent portfolio and also an inkling of what you want to write about. Delve deeper by following relevant groups on platforms such as Twitter or Reddit, and actively take part in discussions to interact with other writers and editors.

When an opportunity pops up, they may be more likely to give you a shot as they have a sense of who you are.

Why take on a job when I already have so much to do?

It all boils down to your priorities. Online jobs for college students can be a commitment if you are bogged down by regular schoolwork and activities. But if you are struggling to pay your bills or worried about the looming student debt, the best jobs for college students are often those freelance content writing jobs from home you can find online.

Plus, if you have a knack for storytelling or are eager to share about your favorite topics, what better way to do so than to find content writing jobs for students and publish them on the web?

The safest way to test the waters as a college student is to find remote freelance writing jobs for beginners.

The extra money sounds great, but I’m worried I can’t manage everything.

Schoolwork can be overwhelming and therefore leave you little time to do freelance writing as a college student. Here is where your time management skills and self-discipline are ever more crucial to keep your head in the game.

Let’s start slow.

  1. I got the job!

Once you've landed the job, discuss with your editor how many hours you need to commit.

2. How do I keep everything organised?

Then, draw up (or re-do) a weekly schedule to carve out time slots dedicated to freelance writing.

3. Will the schedule really help?

Give yourself a one-month trial on this routine, and at the end decide if the hours are just right or too much.

At the end of the day, remember that these are flexible jobs for college students, and the writing should not take precedence over your academics or personal life.

Unless you are really, really, really hard-pressed for money.

Should I continue freelancing after university?

Freelance writing jobs for college students are useful for improving your writing skills and can be continued after you graduate.

Having freelance writing jobs from home definitely has its perks – such as having your own hours or deciding how to furnish your workroom – but drawing work-life boundaries is crucial to ensuring that you know when to switch off and stay off till the next working day. It is thus important to organize your schedule such that your work and personal life are kept separate.

By using a business or private work phone number app like Phoner, you get to draw the line by keeping business-related communications on the alternative phone number. That way, you can easily turn off notifications from that number after working hours, in order to devote your maximum attention to Netflix or social time with your buddies.

That said, you could always move from freelance writing as a college student to working full-time as a content writer for a company after university. Showcase your portfolio and demonstrate your passion to land that dream job you always wanted!

I’m no writer, but I do like animating videos. Can I find freelance work for that instead?

There are tons of online jobs for college students besides freelance writing, and your skill set will determine the kind of gigs you get.

You could be a graphic designer offering to do freelance illustration work or be a freelance fashion illustrator if you have a passion for that particular industry. Or you could be studying computer science yet have a flair for creating catchy posts online – then freelance social media jobs might be your cup of tea.

Freelance writing jobs for college students are popular for those looking to earn an income while studying, and one of the best perks is flexibility of schedule. Bonus points if you wind up loving what you do - simply turn it into a full-time job when you're done with school!