We live in a world where our phone numbers have become an indelible part of our identities. When you call from your number, usually your name flashes on the phone of the person you are calling.

However, there are times and situations when you really do not want anyone to recognize its you who's calling. For example, you may need to give an anonymous tip, maybe report something to the authorities or to the local newspaper or want to make a prank call and not get identified.

Perhaps, you may wish to warn someone of something or you simply wish to call or text someone who has blocked your number.

For such circumstances, you need untraceable numbers, something you can get your hands on quickly and easily.

Where it is not entirely possible to make a completely untraceable call, it is indeed possible for you to hide your personal details behind an untraceable phone number to achieve the same result. How can you get an untraceable number? Here are a few ways which will help you get a temporary phone number that is difficult to trace.

3 Ways to get an untraceable number

Method 1 - Burner Phones

A lot of people make anonymous calls using what is generally termed as a 'burner phone'. Actually, a burner phone is a low-cost phone which is bought along with an untraceable number unknown to the contacts one intends to make calls to. When a call is made through this phone, the person who is on the receiving end can see the number but not know who is calling because the number is not known to them. A burner phone also enables one to make free untraceable text messages.

The problem with a burner phone is that it loses its purpose if the people in one's contacts get to know who is making the calls. There can be two easy but not entirely safe alternatives to avoid so much trouble, either borrowing a phone from someone your contacts do not know or using a payphone which is much harder to find these days. So it's easier to 'burn' a burner phone than to maintain it.

Method 2 - Hiding Your Caller ID

If you do not want to go through all the trouble of getting an untraceable number by spending money on a burner phone, you can simply hide your caller ID. Again, though this method is easy, it is not completely safe.

One example of hiding caller ID is that in many countries one can add a few digits (which vary from country to country) before the call you are making. This would hide your caller ID information from the person whom you are calling. The number would, in most cases, appear blocked.

Alternatively, you can go to settings in Android and iOS smartphones and change the call settings in order to automatically block your caller ID information. In some cases, you may even be able to block your caller ID information permanently.

However, just to be a little surer, you must always make a test attempt while using a caller information ID blocking setting, in case there is a glitch and you do not want to make a complete fool of yourself.

You should know that you usually cannot hide your caller ID information from numbers which are toll-free. They need numbers for various records and purposes. You also cannot hide your number from emergency networks for safety purposes.

Method 3 - Phone Apps, Your Ticket to Anonymity

Both a burner phone and hiding caller ID information are methods that are not totally dependable. We say ditch them in favor of an untraceable phone app. Usually, an untraceable cell phone app gives you an untraceable phone number for both texting and calling. A savior indeed.

All you need to do is to get an untraceable phone number app and then make calls and messages anonymously. So far, not only this is the easiest way out but also the safest one, given that the person to whom the call is made sees a number which is generated by the app and has no connection with the person who is making the call whatsoever.

There are a number of good untraceable phone number apps available on the web, like Phoner, Burner, Hushed and CoverMe which can give you an untraceable number and the freedom to call anonymously.

Phoner App - Gives You a Temporary Untraceable Phone Number

We know that situations, where you need to be anonymous do exist, however, in the digital world of today, it is hard to conceal one's identity. On the other hand, it is not entirely impossible.

While burner phones and hiding caller information prove to be easy methods to go incognito, they are not infallible. First, a burner phone costs money and one has to go through the process of registration as well so it is not completely untraceable. And hiding caller ID information too can sometimes prove ineffective.

Therefore, an untraceable phone app is the BEST way to get an untraceable number. So if you are wondering how to get an untraceable phone number, just download Phoner, the best in class untraceable phone app that will never let you down.