Can a burner phone with internet keep your identity safe?

On their own, burner phones are designed for maximum privacy.

But whether they protect your privacy or not, depends on how you actually buy and use them.

Because truth is, any burner phone with internet access or without can be traceable.

And all it takes to expose your privacy is a simple slip-up.

Unconvinced? Read on to find out why a burner phone with internet may not keep your identity safe.

Here’s why a burner phone with internet doesn’t keep your identity safe

(image credit: Digital Camera World) A burner phone with internet access might not protect your privacy.

While burner phones with internet access are designed to be anonymous, how you choose to buy or use them may not be anonymous at all.

In many situations in fact, tracing a burner phone with internet is completely possible:

Situation 1: You surfed the web on your burner phone

Never use the internet on a burner phone. Ever.

Burner phones and internet access are two things that should never go together.

When you use internet-based apps and services on your burner phone, your online activity makes you completely traceable.

That’s because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) actively tracks and logs your activity the very moment you log in.

Using a VPN on your burner phone might help, but prolonged use can still lead those in the know to pinpoint your location pretty accurately over time.

Situation 2: You bought your burner phone on a contract

Don't sign your privacy away even before switching your burner phone on.

This one applies regardless of whether your burner phone has internet access or not.

Remember, you’re getting a burner phone to protect your privacy.

If you’re handed a mobile contract when getting a burner phone, walk away.

The last thing you want is to hand over your personal information on a silver platter.

Don’t sign away your privacy even before switching your burner phone on.

Situation 3: You simply used your burner phone for too long

Refrain from using a burner phone for extended time periods.

Remember what we said about burner phones being used for prolonged time periods?

The thing about burner phones most people forget is that they’re great for privacy precisely because they’re meant to be disposed of after just a few calls or texts.

When you use a burner phone again and again, it becomes easier over time to pinpoint your location every time it gets switched on.

Ditch burner phones with internet – try Phoner instead

As you’ve already realised, it’s really easy to lose your privacy protection with just about any burner phone.

Want fuss-free privacy protection? Try a burner number app like Phoner for Android or iOS instead.

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That’s because unlike burner phones:

  • Phoner won’t store or share your information or message contents
  • You’ll never need to sign a single contract
  • Everything that happens on Phoner, stays on Phoner.

With Phoner, you’ll also get unlimited burner number you can reliably use anytime, anywhere you are.

Use them however you wish, as long as you want.

So, can a burner phone with internet keep your identity safe? It could, provided you bought and used it correctly. For truly fuss-free privacy protection, all you really need is Phoner.

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