Ever wanted to buy private numbers in UK and US and other countries, but don't know how to get them? Our private phone number app makes it easy for you to pick ANY number you want. Here's how to get them.

What are private numbers?

Private numbers are different from hidden numbers. Usually, if you see 'UNKNOWN' or 'NO CALLER ID' displayed, these are hidden (or unknown) numbers and not private numbers.

Hidden numbers is not always ideal as people tend to outright reject and ignore these phone calls. Also, hidden numbers are extremely expensive to acquire and you will need a valid registration with your local telco or carrier.

Therefore, we will always recommend you to buy private numbers instead. If you need a number to be displayed, but prefer it to show anything rather than your name or your real number, what you need are private numbers.

Why use private numbers?

Here is an awful truth: Each time that you make a call to someone you do not know, your number is shared with a stranger because it gets displayed on their caller ID.

This can be a problem and even eat into our personal privacy and comfort space. If you are a business owner, agent, freelance artist, your phone number may get shared around freely and end up in the hands of hundreds of other individuals that you may not know.

In that case, private numbers are recommended as they help you to hide your real identity by changing your phone number and to make you anonymous.

Where to buy private phone numbers from UK or US?

Phoner - Second Phone number is a private phone number app that lets you buy private numbers in UK, US, or in 30 countries around the world and all 50 states if you are in US.

To buy a private phone number, you will first need to download Phoner app. See here for the Phoner app that gives you private phone numbers for iOS and private numbers for Android.

I downloaded the Phoner app. How to make my number private?

To get a private number in Phoner app, follow these steps.

  1. Launch Phoner (private phone number app)
  2. Tap on the top title bar
  3. Select "Choose your own number"
  4. Select a country, and area code
  5. Choose any private phone number that you want

I downloaded the Phoner app. How do you make a private phone call in Phoner?

Making a private phone call in Phoner is simple. Once you have selected your own private phone number in the app, you need to switch to that number as your active number, and then initiate the call.

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch Phoner (private phone number app)
  2. Tap on the top title bar
  3. Select your new Private number
  4. Next go to the 'Phone' tab,
  5. Enter the number you want to call
  6. Hit the green 'Call' button,

Your call should connect within seconds, and your private number will appear as the caller number instead of your own number. We suggest that you can try calling yourself to try out this neat feature.

Frequently Asked: Can private numbers in Phoner be traced?

There is no way to trace private calls and texts from Phoner private numbers. Since our private numbers work through the internet and private servers, there is simply no record of your name and identity attached to number.

Thats also the main reason why we recommend private numbers over hidden numbers. If you do a Google search for "how to trace a no caller id number" or "where to see blocked numbers", you will find several 'revealer apps' that have the ability to unravel hidden numbers.

Private numbers in Phoner on the other hand do not reveal any information, keeping you completely anonymous and safe. Buy private phoner numbers in Phoner app today!